Power crazed Sturgeon and vengeance crazed Salmond will compete to ramp up extremism

by Colin Campbell

WHAT a truly hellish pair of cult leaders now represent the squalid face of nationalism.

Now they detest each other and their bitter rivalry will ramp up nationalist extremism.

Scowling, grievance-mongering Nicola Sturgeon with her threat to hold an illegal referendum at the height of the pandemic has been joined by her arch enemy Alex Salmond, a man with a reputation for arrogance and nastiness towards his fellow human beings, particularly women, and oozing vengeance out of every jowly, flabby pore.

It really now has gone beyond all parameters of politics and decency.

If the vile spectacle of Sturgeon versus Salmond doesn’t make you willing to crawl over broken glass to rid our lives of these people, then nothing will.

One cult was bad enough, but the emergence of two is monstrous.

If this repugnant circus was merely a sideshow it could be dismissed or even ignored altogether.

But these people and their ardent followers are seeking to run our lives.

And much worse, they are seeking to drag us out of the protective shield of Britain into a new country which they and their marching ranks of cultists will create, control and dominate in every way possible.

One is as bad as the other, if not worse.

Sturgeon has made a threat to hold an illegal referendum as we struggle to emerge from the extreme trauma of the worst health crisis in 100 years.

And Salmond has sought to win converts from those who support her by, in his very first utterance as leader of Alba, being even more extreme.

He warned of “other routes to independence” apart from the legal one requiring approval from Westminster.

And “mass street demonstrations” were top of his list.

As Salmond well knows mass street demonstrations are never more than a wrong word or even a wrong look away from erupting into violence.

But that doesn’t seem to bother him. If he’d lost his court case for alleged sexual offences against women the threat of violence would have been something he’d have faced on a daily basis inside Barlinnie.

Maybe the experience he’s gone through has left him with a disordered mind in which street violence seems a lot less abhorrent to him than it once would have been.

There are plenty decent SNP/nationalists around but there are a growing number of zealots and fanatics around as well.

They intend to gain independence and turn Scotland into a ruined, bankrupt hellhole with its freedom from the hated English oppressors by any means necessary.

They were a potentially sinister threat under Sturgeon but Salmond’s emergence has stirred them up even more.

We face the very real prospect of this pair competing in the months ahead to see who can stir up their supporters to new levels of extremism.

And where that could lead is a very chilling thought indeed.

All this craziness can be brought to a juddering halt by voters saying enough is enough and turning out en masse on May 6 to put an end to it.

I have increasing faith that that’s what will happen as many voters, sickened and disgusted by the feuding and bitterness among those leading the increasingly rancid nationalist movement, decide they want no part of it and the shame they bring on Scotland in the eyes of people in the rest of the UK and even across Europe.

Salmond and Sturgeon want to inflict revenge on each other.

In the May 6 elections a majority of appalled voters could be set to take their own form of revenge on them both.

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