Sturgeon’s stunning lie over vaccine has a very jagged edge

by Colin Campbell

SNP politicians like Fergus Ewing and Drew Hendry must be meeting a lot of people these days with their hectic involvement in the election campaign.

Vaccine liar.

And no matter how attentive people are to social distancing requirements, in hectic times it’s all too easy to let attention slip.

So its just as well for them that they’ll both have been vaccinated.

The same goes for many if not most of their activist supporters. They’ll have received at least one all-important jab too.

And with a new study finding that just 32 people who have been vaccinated up to the end of March needed hospital treatment, the extraordinary success of the programme becomes ever more apparent.

The fact that more people in the UK have been vaccinated than in any other country except Israel is entirely and unarguably due to the world-leading, on this issue at least, foresight and financial power of the UK Government.

And yet Nicola Sturgeon, when asked if as many people in Scotland would have been vaccinated if we were independent, replied without a moment’s hesitation: “Yes.”

This is despite the fact that none of the other small countries she aspires to emulate, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Venezuela, though she doesn’t mention them, have come anywhere near to achieving the success of the UK.

And every other country across her beloved EU is also trailing far behind us in their vaccination programmes.

Even by Sturgeon and the SNP’s capacity for lying through their teeth, this was stunningly brazen audacity on stilts.

But don’t expect any of the cult members who will gladly have taken their place in the vaccine queue and benefitted accordingly to feel even a trace of embarrassment over their leader’s barefaced, snivelling deception. Or Ewing or Hendry for that matter.

Sometimes the SNP are able to partly cast a veil over their endless lying by dissembling and presenting bogus counter-arguments.

But sometimes, as with Sturgeon and the vaccine, these lies really do strike home with a piercing, jagged edge.

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