Sleazebag Salmond launches doomed campaign to woo voters in Highlands

by Colin Campbell

ALEX Salmond and his motley Alba crew held the launch of their Highland campaign with a demand for more “urgency” in forcing through a second independence referendum.

They were upstaged last week by the SNP’s Kate Forbes, Highland MSP and novice finance minister, who insisted a referendum could be held as soon as Covid restrictions ease.

That starts today, Monday, April 26.

How much more “urgency” does Salmond and his extremist supporters want?

What a disjointed week of reckless idiocy it has been for the nationalists, of whatever stripe they are.

Deputy first minister Keith Brown, pressed on television about the SNP’s dereliction of duty on cancer care, claimed that independence was the necessary cure.

SNP candidate Emma Harper was idiotically upbeat about the prospect under independence of a hard, passport controlled border between Scotland and England and said it would lead to a surge of highly-paid jobs, yet another drain on taxpayers who really are going to have to dig very deep, as long as they remain in employment, to pay for all the nationalist freebies as the nation slides towards bankruptcy.

And Nicola Sturgeon admitted yesterday that a hard border with England could cause trading difficulties but implied that she would be able to charm these away with the force of her personality during negotiations, rather than antagonise English people in the way she and her acolytes do so well, with her grievance mongering scowl.

She also denied on TV that the May 6 election was primarily about independence. On the same day, in an article in the Observer, she wrote that this election was all about independence and Scotland’s “right to choose”.

And this came after her brazen, lying insistence that in an independent Scotland just as many people would have been vaccinated as there are now.

What a bunch of loathsome liars they are.

What Salmond had to say during the party’s “campaign launch” – with little more than a week to go till the election it’s not going to be much of a campaign – is of little or no interest.

This discredited sleazebag, who refused to apologise for his “appalling behaviour” with woman at the Holyrood inquiry, and his deluded supporters are, according to opinion polls, likely to win to no seats at all.

But of course there was a reference to the need for “a mental health recovery plan to be put in place to cope with the effects of the pandemic”.

And yet these people believe the best way to restore mental health is to almost immediately drag Scotland into a bitterly divisive referendum, backed up, no less, by “mass street protests” if Westminster vetoes it.

The same could be said of the SNP and their sickening hypocrisy over “mental health”.

At this stage there is no point in engaging in any kind of debate with nationalists, or the very large hardcore element of them.

Hugely important concerns about currency, mortgages, pensions and so many other unanswered questions are simply dismissed as a re-run of the so-called “Project Fear”. They’re not interested and they don’t want to know.

Towards the end of next week we’ll know the outcome of the SNP’s so-called “independence election”, a definition which “I want to be straight with you Sturgeon” can’t even be honest about.

Many of us would like to see the nationalists not only defeated, but crushed. However that’s not going to happen.

They won’t be getting their referendum for a long-time ahead and independence remains a pipe dream. So the bitterness and division will continue indefinitely. The important thing will be to rise above it and pay it as little attention as possible. Some nationalists will no doubt continue to obsess about it for years ahead. This will do no good whatever for their mental health. But that, very definitely, is their problem.


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