As ALBA mob diced with death on Infirmary bridge, grievance mongering Gathering Place could be their new home

by Colin Campbell

WHAT on earth were so many Alba Party supporters doing on the structurally risky Infirmary Bridge at the same time during their futile Highland campaign.

The motley Alba crew was aboard a structure which has been chronically neglected in recent years as Highland Council direct all their resources and ingenuity towards building the wall and concrete Gathering Place “artwork” a couple of hundred yards upriver.

Were none of the Alba people local? And if so, why were they unaware of the fragile condition of the Infirmary Bridge, which has been blocked off for access at Bught Park pop concerts on safety grounds?

These are the people their leader, discredited sleazebag Alex Salmond, hopes will engage in street protests when Boris Johnson refuses them another independence referendum.

Well, don’t go protesting across the Infirmary Bridge, you might not be so lucky next time, and don’t go falling down any open street manholes either.

Seeing the Infirmary Bridge used for flag waving, albeit precariously, it did occur to me that they might have also have some riverside use for the Gathering Place.

No one else will have the slightest interest in this useless piece of junk, far less be inclined to gather there.

But the nats seem to like gathering, in fact before the pandemic they were gathering all the time.

Not just for these Yes marches which caused so much disruption as they cavorted around the streets bedecked in saltires and face paint, but on other occasions as well, if only to plot the downfall of the UK.

As no one else will have the slightest interest in, I see no reason why the nats shouldn’t commandeer the Gathering Place as their main gathering point once it’s built.

When they are again refused another referendum, its likely their gathering instincts will go into overdrive amid a welter of heated, angry debate over what to do next.

The detested Riverside venue could be the ideal place to let the grievance mongering bile and fury come harmlessly pouring out. And then they could stretch out in the sunshine and relax. Mental health and all that stuff.

In full regalia there’s no doubt some of these nats are a colourful sight to see so they could also serve as a riverside tourist attraction as well.

The thought of how the Riverside could be favourably utilised only occurred to me after seeing those Alba people risking life and limb on the Infirmary Bridge.

It held under the weight, thank God.

If it had collapsed and they’d all tumbled in and got their feet wet in the river, Highland council, MI5 and Boris Johnson himself would have had a lot of explaining to do.

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