There will be delight if silent majority turns out in force to shut the nats up

by Colin Campbell

BY next Sunday we’ll know the full results of the Scottish election and if the SNP get the drubbing they so richly deserve and which I believe could be coming their way two words will sum up my personal reaction – sheer elation.

I’ll be punching the air, dancing a jig and raising a glass, all at one and the same time.

The chance arises to shut them up, at least for a while.

Not since they were thrashed in the 2014 referendum will victory taste so sweet, only this time even more so.

Back then the SNP nationalists seemed a bunch of noisy but essentially good spirited enthusiasts plastered in face paint. A fairly comical crowd in some respects. Part of the reason we could afford to look on them with some benevolence was that, until the last two weeks of the campaign, we didn’t really take them seriously.

Of course there are decent, pleasant and reasonable sounding nationalists still out there, in abundance. Well, there’s some, at least.

But with regard to all too many, there is nothing engaging about them anymore. They are noisier than ever but all traces of goodwill towards them have vanished.

There is malevolence, menace, and malignancy in their ranks. They include a fanatically determined bunch of threatening bullies who want to steal our pensions, rob us of our jobs, strip us of our savings and destroy our peace of mind.

And to wreck, ruin and bankrupt our beloved country.

Their selfish and utterly reckless zeal for independence has created a bitterly divided society, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

I’m not going to pretend that it’s only good natured argy bargy and I actually quite like these people.

The sheer, blind ignorance of their leaders, never more exposed than over the past week, hasn’t exactly helped.

No matter how dire the warnings of the consequences of independence, they are contemptuously dismissed as a re-run of so called “Project Fear”, in which nationalists simply refuse to believe anything they don’t want to hear.

RBS warning they would move their headquarters from Edinburgh. “Scaremongering and it wouldn’t happen.”

A hard border between Scotland and England. “Nicola Sturgeon would be able to persuade the English, a foreign country in the eyes of many nationalists, to agree to the most generous and, accommodating settlements possible, all of which would be wholly favourable to Scots citizens and businesses.”

No currency plan after seven years. “Nothing to be concerned about. It would all be straightened out to Scotland’s advantage after independence.”

Pensions? “In an independent Scotland, they’d double.”

It has become clearer than ever that Sturgeon and Co have no credible plan for independence and expect to win it on blind trust.

And members of the cult are fully prepared to go along with that.

The SNP can’t even be honest about the significance of this election anymore. At the same time as the cry goes out that what they have repeatedly dubbed “the independence election” is “the most significant in Scottish history” Nicola Sturgeon appears on television, as she did on Sunday, and says it is not about independence after all, but she is merely seeking a mandate to continue “leading” Scotland out of the pandemic.

Try telling that to “the base” if the poll yields a big win for the SNP.

Fergus Ewing, who will undoubtedly win the Inverness seat, has barely mentioned independence, if he has made any reference to it at all. But every vote cast for him will be seized on as a vote for separation.

I think there’s a good chance that the nationalists will fall short of their aspirations. The reasons why have all been gone into before, but they can best be summed up – arrogance and noise. (The serial lying about anything and everything is more or less factored in to any assessment of the SNP.)

More people than they may think are fed up of the whingeing and whining and constant grievance-mongering and the sour faced refusal to give the UK Government any credit for anything, for the massive furlough support and even more so for the world-beating success of the vaccination project.

We want a break from it all after the trauma of the past year. People in the silent majority want to shut the nationalists up, at least for a while. If we see election results which provide even that, it will be a cause for elation. On election day I’ll be with half a dozen or so people who didn’t intend to vote but who will, unless, my entreaties have fallen very flat, now go to the ballot box and vote “anyone but SNP”.  Think positive, and I think there’s a very decent chance of at least an enjoyable weekend ahead.

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