Migrants’ form filling ordeal a disgrace, says Hendry, as he grubs around for indy support

by Colin Campbell

THE latest indignity, or cruel abomination, being heaped on EU migrants living here is the requirement that they should apply for settled status in the UK.

That’s the unsurprising view of Inverness MP Drew Hendry, who brands their form-filling ordeal “a national disgrace”.

Drew Hendry…the SNP is scraping around for migrants’ votes.

Hendry never misses a chance to depict migrants living here as victims of a callous and vindictive UK government which will stop at nothing in its attempts to make their lives a perpetually anxious, fretful misery.

After Brexit he seized the mantle of migrants’ defender-in-chief, organising forums to offer them “reassurance and support”.

The fact that the vast majority of these people are highly capable and astute individuals who do not feel in need of defending, reassurance or support made no difference.

Hendry felt the urge to babysit them anyway.

His latest salvo is an equally puerile gesture.

So these folk have to apply for settled status, which involves some paperwork and postage. And they will then be granted it.

In what sense is that a national disgrace?

What is a national disgrace is the way the SNP have cynically used Brexit to stoke up fears among EU migrants and cause them unnecessary alarm at every turn.

What Hendry and his fellow SNP freeloaders fail to recognise, or refuse to acknowledge, is that people from Poland, Romania and elsewhere who have moved here are by their very nature resourceful and determined and are well used to taking on life’s challenges, with the need to do some immigration paperwork not likely to be high among them.

They have coped with the physical and emotional upheaval of leaving their homeland, and friends and family, to move to another country. Such an experience is not for the faint hearted.

Only Hendry and his ilk would try and claim that the need to now fill in and post an application form would leave them helpless and all at sea.

It is perfectly reasonable and understandable that they should be required to apply for settled status within the UK, after moving here, and enjoying the full advantages of living here. The only thing that matters is that they get it, and if they follow the correct procedures, they assuredly will.

In the calculating mindset of the SNP EU migrants, of course, are not migrants at all. As soon as they come to live here they become “new Scots” and should not have to fill in one single form more than any Scottish person born and bred does. In every other country that’s not the way the world works. Only in Scotland, afflicted by the endless grievance-mongers of the SNP, could anyone believe that’s how the system should work.

The SNP can try and categorise and characterise these “new Scots” in any way they like, but in reality a person from Poland will always be Polish by nationhood, upbringing and instinct. The same applies to those who have arrived here from every other country. They may enjoy living here and will make the most of it. But their origins or the way they view their homeland will never change.

Drew Hendry makes such an issue of his determination to “assist” people from these countries that maybe he should consider migrating himself. Perhaps he’d be happier as the MP for Warsaw North, or in a job assisting in a Bucharest soup kitchen.

But what’s really behind the SNP’s desperation to ingratiate themselves with these folk is the hope that they can lure them onside to support them and vote for independence in any future referendum.

They may well have miscalculated who they’re dealing with, amid all their cynicism and scaremongering.

If another referendum day ever comes, they may find that shrewd people who moved to the UK seeking a better life will not be at all inclined to vote for change which would leave Scotland poorer and more disadvantaged than the countries they’ve left behind.


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