Infections hit record high but Sturgeon can sleep easily, thanks to ‘Boris the buffoon’

by Colin Campbell

WITH virus infections running at a record high, Nicola Sturgeon’s year-long aura of being the stern and decisive commander-in-chief has deserted her.

Instead her message leans much more towards, “There’s no need to worry”.

Boris saves Sturgeon.

Her emphasis now is on the hugely important role of the vaccine and the vaccination programme, and the fact that it is suppressing hospital admissions to the most minimal level.

And she’s right. After a year of dictating what we can do in virtually every aspect of our lives, Sturgeon seems to have lost her enthusiasm for issuing decrees and is content to let NHS staff and the vaccine do the work to counter the extremely high infection rates.

It’s hypothetical, of course. But where would we be without the vaccine? That’s a nightmare thought that Sturgeon and the rest of us are no longer required to contemplate.

Even now, she’d rather have her endlessly wagging tongue pulled out than publicly admit that the vaccine was secured by the foresight and financial power of the UK Government, which has enabled the world-leading UK to inoculate more people than any other country, apart from Israel.

And that is widely recognised, even among Sturgeon’s cultish followers, though they also would be reluctant to publicly admit it.

When asked a straight question on TV: “Would an independent Scotland have vaccinated as many people as we have done now”, she unhesitatingly replied: “Yes”.

Call that optimistic conjecture if you wish to be charitable, or are in thrall to Queen Nicola. But it really was a straightforward lie and it was almost universally recognised as such.

The lifesaving success of the vaccination programme in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been too fundamental an issue to give Sturgeon any leeway to express an obvious falsehood and expect it to be believed.

Being part of the UK means that there is no panic over these record infection rates and life in Inverness and the Highlands continues to return to pre-virus normality.

And Sturgeon and her safely vaccinated followers can sleep easily in their beds at night thanks to the UK Government, led by Boris their favourite “buffoon”.

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