Public mockery and confusion as life imitates art, and scrap imitates artwork, in Inverness at least

“It is a sad fact of life in the Highlands that the council’s beautiful Gathering Place brick wall was always going to have its critics among the profoundly uneducated members of our community. Thankfully the Gathering Place has inspired the creation of a Community Sculpture Park in Torvean Quarry, including this tribute to the internal combustion engine.”

by Colin Campbell

THE council has made a mockery of Inverness with a series of bizarre and hugely expensive artwork decisions.

Now some people are intent on responding by making of a mockery of the council.

When reasoned public criticism, ardent protest and mass denunciation are dismissed out of hand, what else is left?

Now, in response to the risible, damaging and ludicrously expensive array of “artwork” being imposed on Inverness by Highland councillors who are wasting money hand over fist, mockery is being seen as the only protest weapon left.

A ‘tribute to the internal combustion engine’.

When a contributor submitted the adjacent photograph, and the text above, I did not initially know if it was genuine or not.

But given what has appeared elsewhere as “artwork” in Inverness was that in any way surprising?

Who would think that what appears to be a bit of wall with a hole smashed through the middle at Friars Shott that cost £60,000 is specially commissioned council artwork?

Who would think that a staircase with railings leading nowhere planted near the old Torvean golf course is also council artwork costing thousands.

An Inverness artwork tribute to stairs leading nowhere.

Who would believe that a wall and concrete pathways being built on the riverside adjacent to the Ness islands costing £300,000 is being claimed by the council to be unique and something that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Who would doubt that some of those involved in this artwork spree have taken leave of their senses?

So who would look at the “tribute to the internal combustion engine sculpture” and for a few minutes be undecided whether it was something else dreamed up by a specially commissioned council artist, or is in fact just a pile of scrap?

That’s the sorry state we’ve come to with all the artwork madness swirling around.

But, of course this is far beyond even a bitterly sarcastic joke.

So much money is being squandered on “artwork” rubbish at a time when the council has ramped up its poverty pleading mantra and warned that council tax might have to rise ever more steeply because it can’t afford the basics.

£60,000 Inverness artwork.

At the same time they are paying out over £100,000 towards the £300,000 cost of the riverside ruining Gathering Place, one of the most pitiful civic developments ever built. No, make that the most pitiful ever built.

They were warned for the past years that this was a wholly unnecessary and wholly unwanted desecration of the unspoilt riverside, with a protest petition signed by thousands, and yet they still ploughed ahead.

Literally ploughed ahead, that is, with a grassy natural beauty spot being churned up into a mass pile of dirt.

Inverness artwork…the wall.

And for what? Not so that it could be turned into one of the wonders of the world, as these idiots claimed, but so that it could accommodate a pathetic little wall.

No wonder the picture above might leave some people confused as whether it is actually a genuine sample of Inverness “artwork” or a real life lump of scrap.

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