Elation for the English as they reach the final of the Euros, while north of the border nationalists choke on Tesco, Fat Les, and Vindaloo

by Colin Campbell

TESCO is the latest target for a boycott by nationalists after “outrage” erupted on social media because one of their stores in Scotland over the tannoy yesterday played “Vindaloo” by Fat Les.

This news was widely reported on Wednesday morning hours before England advanced to the final of the Euros after being awarded an extremely dodgy penalty.

Between Tesco’s Vindaloo and the lucky England victory some nats must have had a helluva stomach-churning night.

Who is Fat Les and what has he to do with a song called “Vindaloo”? Apparently this is an English supporters “anthem” which sometimes resonates around

Wembley. It must have taken a fair bit of detective work by our world-class grievance mongers to hunt that one out.

So that’s two anthems they now hate, “Vindaloo” and “God Save the Queen”.

And I imagine Fat Les, whoever he may be, is now viewed with as much disapproval as Boris Johnson.

Still, if they can somehow mesh all this together into one gargantuan source of outrage at gives them another reason to wallow in their bile.

That seems to be when they’re at their happiest.

Like many other normal Scots I was sitting on the fence about the outcome of last night’s match.

If the Danes had won I’d have been pleased for the pluckiest team in the tournament.

When England did win I watched it with an entirely normal heartbeat. Not so long ago this would not have been a welcome outcome.

But the Vindaloo militants of the nationalist movement have put paid to all that.

Anything they’re against I’m now pretty much for. So an England victory is now highly tolerable, at the very least. And let’s not forget that the many English people living in our midst would have been elated by their team’s victory as well.

No doubt there will be another deluge of nationalist outrage on the morning after the night before because of the match commentary and the frequent references to “the entire nation” being in raptures, or words to that effect. That is an absolute certainty.

Nevertheless, old habits die hard and even I switched off about 10 minutes into the post match celebrations, which had become frenetically repetitive. Even those of us north of the border who are ardently proud of being British may still struggle to cope with an overdose of England football euphoria.

And the fact that it was generated by a blatant dive rather than a penalty grates to some degree.

But after 15 pretty terrible months there was a vast amount of leeway for seeing millions of our English cousins celebrating their victory to the full.

Whether or not they’ll go on to win their first tournament since 1966 is very much open to question. The Italians look too good for them to me.

If they lose in the final that will no doubt cheer up some of the extremist English-hating nats.

But last night as wild celebrations engulfed towns and cities south of the border they just had to choke on it.

On that, and on Tesco, Fat Les and Vindaloo.


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