Nationalist gloating over England defeat was another dismal day for Scotland

by Colin Campbell

PREDICTABLY and inevitably, nationalist extremists yesterday gloated with embarrassing excess over England’s defeat by Italy in the final of the European Championships.

At one point the website of the National newspaper featured TWENTY TWO articles relating to the match, which the Italians won after extra time and penalties.

Its sister paper The Herald also ran an incoherent column suggesting that the outcome in some way advanced the cause for independence.

With these papers ultimately owned by an American company, maybe it’s time Unionists started playing the same game as the nationalists by boycotting companies and publications which seem intent on stirring up division between Scotland and England.

If they wither and die, they won’t be missed.

However, the dust has settled on Sunday night’s match which will soon be forgotten north of the border.

And now for nationalists it’s back to the grind of trying to stoke up support for another referendum and find a way to act on it. The football tournament was in some ways a distraction from that Herculean and perhaps impossible task.

During it Scotland achieved a level of international prominence which had nothing to do with football, when it was identified as the covid hotspot of Europe under Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP Government.

Another outpouring of anti-English racism and bigotry from a significant number of nationalists will have done nothing for our ailing tourism industry and businesses hoping for an influx of visitors from south of the border.

How many will stay away because of it will never be known. But English people – giving full vent to their feelings on social media – now know the hostility directed at them is much more than a game.

Although how many would be prepared to run the risk of visiting Sturgeon’s Scotland with the virus running rampant is open to question in any case.

Not that nationalists care about such matters.

England lost at football and that gave them the chance to jeer and mock and gloat.

They were on top form as always with a display of puerile bile and bigotry, with a level of consistency that never falters.

And it was another dismal day for bitterly divided Scotland.


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