Six million EU migrants – and the SNP want ever more

by Colin Campbell

HIGHLAND MSP Maree Todd has voiced concerns over the Home Office’s EU Settlement Scheme application backlog. As of July 2, she said, UK government figures show that while just over six million applications to the scheme had been received by the June 30 deadline, only 5,446,000 had been concluded by the same date.

Maree Todd.

She has written to all EU nationals in her Caithness, Sutherland and Ross constituency reminding them of the deadline. “Following this, I was inundated with responses from concerned constituents who were struggling to navigate the system or get through to the support helpline,” she said. “Instead of extending the deadline and avoiding these significant backlogs, the UK government powered ahead, leaving the futures and livelihoods of our fellow European citizens in the balance.”

With six million applying, I’m not surprised there’s a backlog. No credit or approval for the enormous amount of money and effort that’s gone in to processing nearly five-and-a-half million applications, with the rest sure to follow in the very near future? Don’t expect anything but a whinge from the SNP.

One benefit of the EU settlement scheme is to provide information not available before on the number of EU migrants living in the UK.

And six million sounds like a very sizeable number.

Brexit has ensured we have now regained control over our borders, ended freedom of movement and the right of anyone from countries across Europe, many poorer than we are, to decant to the UK without a job or accommodation anytime they like.

But the SNP, who say we should be “grateful to these new arrivals for choosing to make Scotland their home” want to restore freedom of movement, with no one more enthusiastic about it than Inverness MP Drew Hendry.

The SNP’s main calculation all along has been that if they convey sufficient “gratitude” to EU migrants for coming here –  not to mention health services, schools and houses – they will back independence in a future referendum. It’s a particularly cynical ploy, but, as with their determination to give votes to 16-year-old kids, it’s what we’ve come to expect from these shysters.

EU migrants settled here are welcome and have been made welcome but as far as open borders go, a welcome limit has been drawn.

Maree Todd will write to migrants here offering them her support, although I’d lay money that not a single one who meets the minimal necessary requirements will be required to leave.

But neither she nor Hendry, who back a never ending influx from the EU, would take the trouble to explain to people born here where these newcomers they still want to see flooding in would be housed, or how our already overstretched schools and health services would cope.

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