Traders suffer drastically as council fails to move with the times

by Colin Campbell

INVERNESS traders have consistently complained that the plethora of bollards and barriers strewn across the city centre has resulted in them losing customers and losing money.

Denise Collins…trade down 70 per cent. Picture: Inverness Courier

Denise Collins, of the Castle Gallery art shop, has joined those deploring the “Spaces for People”  concept, saying it is hitting her business, down by a crippling 70 per cent.

“Spaces for People” is a Scottish Government funded initiative which was supposed to make it safer for people who chose to walk or cycle during Covid-19 by supporting social distancing.

Whatever validity this once may have had no longer applies.

More than 50,000 people are now allowed inside a football stadium but Inverness city centre is still smothered by “social distancing” debris to maintain a one in a zillion chance of someone catching the virus by walking past someone else.

This is utterly nonsensical.

The situation on social distancing and everything related to it has changed completely since these barriers were put in place.

Why aren’t Inverness councillors calling for their removal, or are officials now completely calling the shots?

Council officials, throughout the coronavirus saga, have seen their salaries rolling in uninterrupted, of course.

City traders have been going through drastically tough times.

They should no longer have to suffer because Highland Council can’t bear to give up on notions conceived months ago, and which are now completely irrelevant and outdated.

And because they don’t have the wit or agility – or are simply too lazy – to keep up with the times.

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