Empty shelves, Brexit disaster! But sadly for fake news Hendry, not in Inverness

by Colin Campbell

INVERNESS MP Drew Hendry features on his Twitter site a supermarket with gapingly empty shelves.

This is to reinforce his claims of the supposedly disastrous consequences of Brexit.

Fake news Hendry…the unidentified photo used to depict the supposed ‘disaster’ of Brexit.

But where is the picture from? He doesn’t say. The only certainty is that it’s not from any supermarket in Inverness or anywhere else in his constituency.

The only other certainty is that there are toilet rolls on the top shelf so it wasn’t taken a year last March when there was panic buying as the virus fears began to spread.

It’s a random photo that could have come from anywhere between here and the south of England. And there may have been special circumstances applying to that particular store at that particular time which led to these shelves being empty.

So what is Hendry trying to prove by promoting it?

There’s no doubt Hendry would like to see store shelves emptying out in the Highland capital.

This would give him the chance to claim vindication of the near breakdown in society he and others in the SNP forecast would be the catastrophic consequences of Brexit, with medicine supplies running out and food supplies grinding to a halt.

He and the rest of them stopped short of saying we’d end up eating our own pets, but not by all that much.

In Inverness there are a few very small gaps in store shelves here and there, but nothing that’s causing anyone any problems.

I think I read somewhere there’s a shortage of raspberries. Bad news if you can’t give live without rasps but you’ll just have to break the addiction and switch to strawberries instead.

It must be tough on Hendry and co that their “food crisis” warnings haven’t come to pass. In their eyes a “Brexit disaster” would bolster support for independence.

But it hasn’t happened in Inverness or anywhere else in the Highlands. Or much further afield for that matter.

Hendry is the most active MP on Twitter we’ve ever had. In the past I’ve wondered how, given the amount time he seems to spend on it, he’s got time left to do any actual work.

But it’s a bit desperate to feature some random photo from a supermarket that could have come from anywhere and try and obliquely link it to what’s happening in Inverness, where nothing of the kind applies.

On his beloved Twitter site Hendry should stick to banging on about his usual topics and not descend into fake news and deception.

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