It just gets better…lying SNP’s leisure land of milk and honey

by Colin Campbell

THE SNP are now dangling the possibility that after independence people in Scotland would only have to work a four day week.

Sounds good, but where’s the catch? Why would anyone vote for change which would mean they’d earn less money?

But according to the SNP they wouldn’t earn less money. Their wages and salaries would stay the same.

A reduced four day week for the same pay…nice work if you can get it.

The promised land of milk and honey becomes ever more alluring.

The output of milk and honey would flow like nectar in the same bountiful quantities, even though everyone was doing less work.

Is there anything that this party which increasingly seems to be in the stranglehold of fantasists and liars won’t promise to try and scrape together more votes?

Pensions would double.

Rather more importantly, given the make up of a sizeable proportion of their support, benefits would soar.

The nation would become kinder, gentler and more “green”. Everyone would enjoy a better “work life balance” and greater “wellbeing”.

Drug ridden parts of their heartlands in Glasgow and Dundee which are very scary areas after dark would become like the friendly suburbs of Copenhagen overnight.

The dirt and rubbish strewn across Nicola Sturgeon’s own constituency in Govanhill –  I’ve seen it multiple times and it’s not a pretty sight – would spring into action and clear up itself.

Ian Blackford would become as charming and delightful as Emma Raducanu, with his male bits left on.

What a wonderful world it would be.

So how would the SNP’s four day week work?

As with everything they touch it’s based on wishful thinking and the projections and opinions of so-called experts, all skewed to come out the way they want them to.

Work four days instead of five with no loss of salaries or wages? I don’t believe a word of it. And neither, rather more importantly, will millions of other people.

In the real world if you want to earn the money you have to put in the hours. Employers and companies are not charitable institutions, and in fact are becoming ever more demanding.

The secret, the SNP claim, is that productivity would somehow magically increase, partly at least because absenteeism would fall.

In the real world, we know what absenteeism brings, and it’s nothing to do with achieving a better work-life balance. if you’re absent too often you get the sack.

And as for productivity, bosses want you at their beck and call to ensure you’re actually producing.

That means a standard five day working week in which you surrender your freedom to get a decent paycheque.

This is not based on outdated thinking and a lack of “progressive innovation”, SNP style. It’s just the way it is, and the way it will continue to be.

A four day working week where you could get all that time off and still earn the same money would be nirvana. So much leisure and personal happiness and “wellbeing” in the land of milk and honey.

But who would pay for all the work undone and the hours unfilled?

Maybe after independence England and the rest of the UK would generously chip in to ensure Scots could enjoy so much more spare time.

Billions have poured across the border to pay for the furlough scheme, which the nationalists want to continue indefinitely. That’s because we are part of the UK.

Maybe the SNP Government’s trainee accountant finance secretary Kate Forbes and Nicola Sturgeon believes generosity of spirit would continue when, under independence, the English become occupants of “a foreign country”.

Maybe the English would move to working a six day week so they could continue sending money across the border and enable residents of an independent Scotland to only have to work for four.

After all, according to some in the SNP, even if we were independent they’d continue to pay our pensions. That’s the doorstep line an SNP canvasser/ignoramus/chancer sold an elderly relative of mine before the last election.

The irony is that the more fantasy promises the nationalists make the less likely they are to be believed. And that in itself is a good thing. It exposes Sturgeon and co for the outright charlatans they are.

The vast majority of people will take one glance at this “four day week but earn the same money” delusion and dismiss it out of hand without bothering to assess it any further.

It’s simply not credible or believable in any shape or form.

The SNP hierarchy seem to have a blindspot when it comes to things that are obvious to everyone else.

They have Blackford bellowing about the evil Tories as the self-styled “voice of Scotland” at Westminster every week and seem to think having him as their leader down there is a natural vote winner.

They just can’t see that to the vast majority of Scots this corpulent clown is a parliamentary laughing stock and a national embarrassment. So they they let him bellow on.

The four day working week may well evolve into a promise and guarantee when the SNP finally get round to producing some half baked “prospectus for independence” with more holes in it than a target at a fairground shooting stall.

Let’s hope so. The more alluring and delighful their fictitious portrayal of their independent land of milk and honey becomes, the less likely millions of canny and hard working Scots will want to go anywhere near it.


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