Fergus Ewing’s office looks like a dump as he STILL refuses to meet constituents

by Colin Campbell

FERGUS Ewing’s constituency office, which is generously smeared with seagull crap, has taken on the rundown appearance that gives Inverness city centre a bad name.

The seagulls may be there quite often but it seems no one else is. I noticed it was closed a couple of months ago, which surprised me. And I see now it’s still closed. In fact it’s probably been closed for the past 18 months. No wonder despite the fancy insignia adorning it it’s turning into a slum.

Fergus Ewing’s shabby office.

With virtually everyone double vaccinated up to their eyeballs, the Inverness MSP is still using the virus as a reason not to meet the people he’s supposed to represent, even for his short time surgeries.

A semi-literate little notice attached to the door says: “As part of those efforts to minimalize (sic) the spread of the virus I am also reducing non-essential face to face meetings therefore the office will not be open to members of the public.” It tells people to email or phone instead and “either I or my staff will revert back to you”.

Emails are no substitute for a face to face meeting with constituents who have problems. And when I say face to face I mean fully masked up and sitting two yards apart. How isn’t that possible?

And how much more does Ewing want to see the virus “minimalized” before he gets back to what he should be doing and talking directly to people he represents who have an issue or a problem they want to raise with him?

It’s an integral part of the reason he’s paid a vast wad of cash and a huge pile of expenses.

But hiding behind the virus, he can’t even do that.

A couple of doors along there’s a solicitors office where the legal eagles have a sign up inviting potential clients in for a chat.

Fergus Ewing.

How are they – and so many other businesses – able now to meet people in person when Fergus Ewing can’t?

Why is Fergus Ewing the timorous exception? Does he plan ever to reopen his office or is it a case for him of “the virus risk will always be there”.

Of course Ewing’s in the SNP so he doesn’t have to worry about doing basic things like meeting his constituents. He knows his followers will reliably turn out en masse at election time to put him back aboard the Hoylrood gravy train. These SNP chancers endlessly promising “freedom!” know they’d get back on board even if they went off to live half the year in Spain.

Ewing should stop skiving away from the public, reopen his office and make himself accessible again. After 18 months the virus excuse has worn too thin.

And as first order of business he could do something for the appearance of the seagull ridden city centre and hire a window cleaner to clean up an office which now looks like a dump.


2 thoughts on “Fergus Ewing’s office looks like a dump as he STILL refuses to meet constituents

  1. I wonder if they are the same seagulls that are living inside the OHSS Church clocktower that has stopped working too!!


  2. Fergus freebie Ewing is very conspicuous by his absence wonder if it’s anything to do with his wheeling and dealing at Corpach with all our money thrown away
    PS Any truth in the rumour he is selling his Barbour coat and wellies only used once for his permanent photo in the Press and Journal what a joke don’t think he knows which end of a cow the milk comes from.


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