No plans for indy march in city after paltry turnout in capital

by Colin Campbell

THE organisers of an independence march through Edinburgh at the weekend claimed 5,000 took part. Other assessments say there were only a few hundred, and certainly less than 1,000.

The police have given up providing estimates of the numbers involved in these marches.

The last pro-independence march in Inverness attracted around 3,000 participants.

So the true number is likely to be somewhere in between the figures claimed.

Even if a high side total of 3,000 or so people took part that is a dismal number for the half-hearted return of the independence marching season.

A breeze kept the flags flying in Edinburgh but this was a limp and lifeless event compared with what we’ve seen in the past. Long gone are the days when pictures clearly showed marches in the major cities attracting tens of thousands of people.

If the capital city could only muster such a small number of so called “Yessers” the prospects for any other marches planned are low grade indeed.

The organisers of the last independence march through Inverness before covid claimed 10,000 people took part.

On a freezing cold day the thin and scattered ranks made this a wildly exaggerated claim, with the 10,000 claim reported as fact and then in the face of widespread scepticism subsequently retracted by the Press and Journal.

But most onlookers would have acknowledged that at least 3,000 people were involved.

Now a city the size of Edinburgh can barely even raise that number.

These marches achieve nothing of significance and in sufficient numbers are merely disruptive and noisy.

But nationalists, up to now, have deemed them important in terms of bolstering morale and sending out some kind of message.

No longer it seems.

None are planned to be held in Inverness. The fervour which instigated them in recent times seems to have dipped markedly in an independence campaign which shows all the signs of going absolutely nowhere.

Even if one was held in the Highland capital, as things stand the level of disruption would be minimal.

The few stragglers taking part, judging by the Edinburgh turnout, could be neatly fitted on to the pavements.

2 thoughts on “No plans for indy march in city after paltry turnout in capital

  1. Enjoy your comments on these people being taken to task
    How often have they have to be be told they do not speak for the hard working decent people of Scotland they only speak for less than 25 percent of the people who vote
    Please ask the younger generation and teenagers how could they possibly vote for people who wish their grandparents and parents dead so as these communists can increase their vote and try and break up the UK as quoted by Angus robertson and sturgeon shame on them the scumbags


  2. Not much chance of sturgeon marching it’s too hard going marching down Stephens brae in high heals although second thoughts she could get a lift in Humpty Dumpty blackford from Skye in his big 4×4 ranger rover or drew Henry’s Saab all courtesy of the UK government on
    expenses not much cut backs on expenses from these people snouts always in in trough


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