UNIQUE IN ALL THE WORLD: New film invites global audience to admire riverside concrete pile of junk

by Colin Campbell

THE Gathering Place, described by Highland Council as “unique” and “something that can’t be found anywhere else in the world” now features on a special YouTube video production.

Its journey to global fame and prominence has begun.

What cinematic genius could have been entrusted with depicting our curved riverside wall in a suitably spellbinding light?

How much did Steven Spielberg cost?

Or maybe it was James Cameron. He directed Titanic, which in the end sank without trace.

Unique in all the world…the opening scene in the Gathering Place film.

Which is the fate destined for the Gathering Place, with this almost comically delusional attempt to bring it to national and international prominence.

On YouTube key in the word “wall”.

There is the Great Wall of China, the lesser known Africa’s Great Wall, the Great Wall of India, and if you scroll down about half a mile you get into Gathering Place territory, a bricklayer with a trowel assembling the Great Wall of his Back Garden, or maybe at a public park.

The Great Wall of the Gathering Place video begins in spectacular fashion, with a space shot of the entire globe, then homes in through continents and countries to a specific spot on the Ness riverside.

That global screen idea may have come from the it’s “unique, unlike anything else in the world” opinion of arts group chairwoman Isabelle Mackenzie.

And then the film focuses on the Gathering Place in all its glory. A sandy/sour creamy coloured little walkway between two sides of a wall.

And this is supposed to be artwork? And unique?

Before it was slung up, there was a natural walkway there, on grass, fringed by trees. At a natural, unspoilt beauty spot where people had enjoyed picnicking or wandering beside the river for generations.

And now we have this intrusive concrete monstrosity replacing and disfiguring that natural, beautiful setting. Dumped there as a cream coloured concrete carbuncle for a reason that virtually no one can fathom.

The riverside reality…a pathetic little wall.

And at an extraordinary cost of £300,000 in public money.

We understand our magificent new wall is to be officially opened by Prince Andrew, Earl of Inverness, wanted for questioning by the FBI, and celebrated graffiti artist Banksy will spraypaint “Banksy Wos Ere” on one of the slabs. Emma Raducanu is also understood to be due to attend the glittering opening ceremony. “World beating superstar admires world beating wall.”

Any chance Spielberg could bring along his pal Tom Hanks?

This riverside creation certainly needs an extra special sprinkling of stardust if it’s to become an internationally renowned phenomenon.

But nearing the end of this wretched saga, the real joke is on the council jokers who have been obsessed with building this thing in the face of mass public opposition for the past three years.

It was their ultimate prima donna vanity project because they couldn’t get over their resentment over the public backlash against their idiotic Tilting Pier plan.

They were determined to build something, anything, somewhere along the riverside with the hopelessly unrealistic aim of trying to convince people it was artwork. The force of protest and derision should have swept away this riverside nonsense three years ago with no more to be said or done about it.

Instead they pressed ahead and at a cost of £300,000 now have their stupid little concrete wall where there used to be nature and grass.

They got their arrogant way in the end but they ruined a natural beauty spot in the process for no identifiable purpose or reason.

Their YouTube video production won’t exactly go viral. Peurile, maybe.

It was made, apparently by three local film makers. They made their best attempt to screen the ghastly Gathering Place in the best possible light.

Unfortunately, they failed dismally.

The opening global shot was maybe a nice touch but it merely serves to highlight those farcical claims that it would be unique in all the world.

It’s a £300,000 concrete pile of junk disfiguring the banks of the River Ness. And the only thing unique about it is that it’s the most wasteful and worthless project in Inverness civic history, now displayed on YouTube for all to see.

One thought on “UNIQUE IN ALL THE WORLD: New film invites global audience to admire riverside concrete pile of junk

  1. I’ve sampled the view from the end of the new fishermen’s pier. Wow. I can see for miles. All the way to Infirmary Bridge. Looking at the grey protuberance from Infirmary Bridge, it is simply an eyesore. Now all we have to do is wait for the Art Committee luvvies to extoll its virtues for my annoyance to seethe over.


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