Rather than waiting for older ‘No’ voters to die, Sturgeon should give them the facts on pensions and savings

by Colin Campbell

FORMER SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson plumbed the depths of brazen nationalist malignancy when he said last year that the deaths of elderly Scots were delivering “a gain for independence”.

The reaction from people sickened by the calculations of this obese ghoul, who looks like he’s only one deep fried Mars Bar away from a heart attack himself, should have warned others in the SNP to steer well clear of making such calculations, or at least expressing them in public.

But this week his boss made it all too clear that she is also keeping a very close eye on the death-zometer.

She said in an interview that she had “time on my side” if Boris Johnson wanted to postpone a second separation vote, by “playing a waiting game”. And then she stated: “You look at the demographics of the support for independence – well I’m not sure that’s going to get you out of this conundrum.”

A welcome boost for the independence cause.

It wouldn’t need the Bletchley Circle of U-boat codebreakers to decode what she meant by that particular utterance.

This was a direct echo of the views of the ghoul Robertson, namely that with each passing year, older people whose depth of experience of life ensures they would vote against the recklessness of independence die.

And with each passing year more know nothing kids join the voters roll at 16 and are prospective cannon fodder for the all singing, all dancing cause of independence. Of course the kids grow older each year but she’s still banking on youngsters who will not have seriously studied the financial implications of independence – or even given them a second thought – being wooed by the idealistic, lying, cynical b***** the nationalists are so adept at whipping up around it.

Her problem is that there’s a dearth of singing and dancing among the demoralised ranks of the separatists these days, just a mixture of frustration, anger, and the sense that under Sturgeon and her moribund, snouts in the trough crew the dream is dying by the week.

Will they be uplifted by their leader’s latest assertion that all is not lost, and in due course sufficient elderly No voters will have expired to tip the balance in favour of independence?

They may be. Or they may think that if all she has to offer them is a national mortality assessment, then it really is time to give up the ghost.

Being fair to Sturgeon maybe she misspoke. Except she didn’t.

And being fair to Sturgeon, it might be wrong to suggest that she actually wants old people to die to boost the independence cause. Well, certainly not those she knows personally anyway.

But then again, why should anyone want to try and be fair to a political leader who expresses herself publicly in such a way.

Just imagine what Sturgeon and Co would have said if Boris Johnson had taken leave of his senses and implied to Andrew Marr he saw a clear upside in graveyards being filled by Labour and SNP voters?

That’s excluding, of course, those deranged SNP/nationalists who believe Johnson is personally responsible for the death of every single covid victim in any case.

If Nicola Sturgeon wants to at least try and gain the support of older voters it would be more sensible to try and win them over by giving truthful and credible explanations as to what independence would mean for their pensions and whatever savings they may have, which she has totally failed to do.

More sensible, that is, than suggesting her independence strategy is based on waiting for them to die.

So do elderly folk let this often puzzling modern world just drift on by, even when Sturgeon marks their card? No. Among some who access social media it has evoked fury.

The strain of the past 18 months added to the pressure she has come under from the sizeable lunatic fringe of the nationalist movement has added to eminently reasonable speculation she is showing signs of cracking up.

Her publicly expressed ghoulish calculations will do nothing to diminish that impression.

The once golden girl of Scottish politics is now widely despised and detested across much of the country.

And now, with the revelation of her graveyard strategy for independence, normally placid elderly folk are outraged by her as well.

They may last longer than she thinks, long enough to deny her her independence obsession for years to come. And she has only herself to blame if one of the final thoughts of some who do shuffle off their mortal coil is: “See you in hell Sturgeon”.


2 thoughts on “Rather than waiting for older ‘No’ voters to die, Sturgeon should give them the facts on pensions and savings

  1. You would think Angus Robertson would have learnt his lesson after being hounded rightly so out of moray and Nairn as an MP he is nothing but I big mouth piece he will suffer at the next election and we will remind him of his death wish then for sure and then it will be good to get him off the gravy train again


  2. Sorry I forgot to mention he is the big fat guy with the greasy hair incase anyone is not sure of him not that we want to be reminding what he looks like!


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