Ewing ‘sadness’ over no more surgeries. How sad is he? His surgery’s been closed for the past 19 months

by Colin Campbell

INVERNESS MSP Fergus Ewing says that following the killing of MP David Amess “the days of open surgeries may now be coming to a close which would be a sadness”.

Without detracting one iota from what happened to David Amess, we have to wonder how deep Ewing’s sense of “no more surgeries” sadness really runs.

Fergus Ewing…sad.

He’s certainly been safe enough. His constituency office surgery hasn’t been open for the past 19 months.

Now generously smeared with seagull crap, it’s taking on the appearance of a Church Street slum.

As we reported recently:

“With virtually everyone double vaccinated up to their eyeballs, the Inverness MSP is still using the virus as a reason not to meet the people he’s supposed to represent, even for his short time surgeries.

A semi-literate little notice attached to the door says: “As part of those efforts to minimalize (sic) the spread of the virus I am also reducing non-essential face to face meetings therefore the office will not be open to members of the public.” It tells people to email or phone instead and “either I or my staff will revert back to you”.

Emails are no substitute for a face to face meeting with constituents who have problems. And that means fully masked up and sitting two yards apart. How isn’t that possible?

And how much more does Ewing want to see the virus “minimalized” before he gets back to what he should be doing and talking directly to people he represents who have an issue or a problem they want to raise with him?

It’s an integral part of the reason he’s paid a vast wad of cash and a huge pile of expenses.”

Now Ewing cites the Amess tragedy as a reason why his surgery office may remain closed permanently and why he’ll be relieved of the burden of having to have regular face to face meetings with the people he’s paid very generously to represent.

After being aboard the highly lucrative SNP gravy train at Holyrood for the past 22 years, maybe he’s just got fed up of hearing all those local moans and groans at face to face meetings.

And by the sound of it, amid his “no surgeries sadness”, it sounds like his slummy office will stay closed and he will hear them no more.

He could at least getting someone to go there and clean the windows. If that’s not considered too risky as well.

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