Sturgeon’s climate jamboree priority, elbowing her way into the limelight

by Colin Campbell

NICOLA Sturgeon said this week it seemed Boris Johnson doesn’t want to be in the same room as her and he suffered from “a fragile male ego”.

I missed this latest jibe from Sturgeon at the PM but an irate relative asked what would have been the reaction if Johnson had said Sturgeon suffers from a “fragile female ego”.

A good point. The feministas would have been screeching “sexist pig” from the rooftops. And no doubt demanding he resign for committing a cardinal modern day sin.

A Glasgow high point for Nicola Sturgeon as she got to meet a bored looking Greta Thunberg. And in an equally starstruck interview on CNN she said another referendum in 2023 was a certainty.

But Sturgeon was challenged by no one and got clean away with it.

Too often it seems all the sexism stuff goes only one way.

She has of course been striving, with considerable success, to elbow her way into the limelight in Glasgow.

The highlight for her may have been meeting Greta Thunberg, although at least she didn’t curtsey to the teen idol when she did so, as far as we know.

But it was probably trumped by an interview she secured with US celebrity journalist Christiane Amanpour on CNN.

The nationalists like to accuse those who don’t want to see the UK broken up and Scotland plunged into poverty of suffering from the “Scottish cringe”. In their eyes they are in thrall to the English, feel safe in being subservient to them and are too weak willed to break away.

Nothing to do of course with currency, pensions, mortgages etc etc and the blank slate of information as to where independence would lead.

But the nationalist cringe was there for all to see when Sturgeon was granted her interview on the US cable network.

The National gave it top billing. Contributors were in raptures that Sturgeon would appear on the TV station with a “worldwide audience”.

In fact in the US Amanpour’s show is usually watched by around 800,000 people out of a population of 300 million. In countries across much of the rest of the globe the mystification of viewers about who her guest was probably reduced viewing figures to a few hundred, or in some countries a few dozen.

But Sturgeon did take the opportunity to assert that another referendum would “absolutely” be held in 2023.

Her interviewer, who obviously hadn’t bothered studying the issue, didn’t press her on minor details like the certainty that Boris Johnson with his fragile male ego will dismiss her demand for a section 30 order for a legal referendum out of hand.

Or that the Supreme Court, if it goes that far, would be virtually certain to rule that the Constitution is reserved to Westminster and Westminster’s rules prevail.

In which case any wildcat referendum emanating from Holyrood from the SNP and little Patrick Harvie and his lickspittle Greens would be illegal.

And would be ignored and boycotted by more than half the population, rendering the outcome meaningless and the SNP/nationalists left an international laughing stock, including on CNN.

Many nats have lost all faith in Sturgeon to deliver. A significant number now hold her in contempt and want to see her gone. Their only extremely difficult dilemma is who would replace her.

But Sturgeon got her “star interview” on CNN. Whether she curtseyed to Christiane Amanpour is unknown.

No one can really know how much attention Boris Johnson pays to Nicola Sturgeon’s personal insults directed at him.

But they are bound to register to some degree. Now she’s added yet another.

It ramps up the ill feeling between them. And when she goes shopping for that section 30 order for her “guaranteed” referendum in 2023, we can be sure his response will be anything but fragile then.

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