Viva Espana! Couple in their eighties weren’t watching worthless fireworks display from ‘safety’ in their own backyard

by Colin Campbell

A TEN minute fireworks display replaced the traditional bonfire night normally enjoyed by thousands at the Bught Park.

The “virus risk” cancellation of this event came at a time when there are only around 20 people with covid in hospitals in the entire Highlands. None are in intensive care.

Because “safety is paramount” people were asked to somehow view the display “from their own location”. It took place at the Northern Meeting Park. For many it would have been more visible and spectacular if it had been held at the top of Ben Wyvis.

However one man who wasn’t scanning the skyline was a reader in his 80s who heads off this week with his wife for a three week holiday in Spain.

Couple in their 80s cut through virus fears and red tape to head for a holiday in Spain.

And a hearty Viva Espana to them!

While a significant number of people are still heavily afflicted by virus paranoia and will fully approve of decisions like cancelling bonfire night, with its tiny, fractional level of outdoor virus “risk”, the Spain bound stalwarts are having none of it.

Get moving and get on with it, is their admirably robust view. They want to travel. They won’t stay locked away in mind numbing “safety” forever. And they’ll cut through whatever red tape is in their way as they head for warmer climes to enjoy themselves.

Yes, it might be “safer” to stay here than head over to Spain. Travelling abroad in your 80s? And actually coming into contact with other human beings, at airports and in taxis and in hotels?

Those very strange people who are still to be seen walking around on empty city streets with their faces virtually covered by masks would no doubt consider this a highly reckless undertaking, and would shrivel away at the prospect of even considering it.

Each to his or her own, I suppose, although you have to wonder if they’ll ever recover.

But this elderly couple are determined to get on with their lives in their advanced years.

How much I admire them.

They will this week be returning to the high life as they head off for a much anticipated foreign holiday. They will not be cowed forever more by virus fear and paranoia.

And they certainly weren’t watching a distant, worthless 10 minute fireworks display from a “safe” huddle in their own backyard.

  • When these folk return, we’ll provide a report on how they got on, which may be of interest and use to others planning to start travelling abroad again.

2 thoughts on “Viva Espana! Couple in their eighties weren’t watching worthless fireworks display from ‘safety’ in their own backyard

  1. Colin now back home safe and well thank you for your great are doing a gre@t job. Merry Christmas to you.


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