Hendry feigns Holyrood delight. But how can he stomach having sick ‘suicide’ MP as a colleague?

by Colin Campbell

DREW Hendry claimed to be in his element at yet another talking shop seminar on climate change held at the Scottish Parliament.

“How civilised and, normal, to be able, no, encouraged, to clap for a good speech in this fantastic parliament,” he eulogised.

Well if thinks it’s all that fantastic why doesn’t he get a job there, instead of being “imprisoned” at Westminster, as he claims to be.

It’s long past time Inverness MSP Fergus Ewing was put out to grass.

Drew Hendry, left, at a seminar in the ‘fantastic’ Scottish Parliament yesterday.

He’s been there for the past 22 years and is now just going through the motions.

He can’t even be bothered opening up his now slummy office in Church Street to meet constituents with problems. It’s been closed for the past 19 months. And now Ewing is citing “fear of attack” as a reason to keep it that way.

If Ewing agreed to step aside that’d be an innings for Hendry to get into the fantastic parliament, where he could clap till his hands fell off if he wanted to.

But that won’t happen because the money grubbers, chancers and hypocrites of the SNP have got their ducks in a row when it comes to elections.

Ewing has a lucrative job for life at Holyrood.

Hendry has a lucrative job for life at Westminster.

And across the Kessock Bridge Ian Blackford will dig in for his annual £250,000 in expenses from the Westminster citadel he claims to loathe.

None of them would dream of trying to encroach on one of the other’s territory.

The arrangement is neatly sewn up and they know that won’t change.

SNP voters will keep on voting for them for “independence”  – Ewing has been cashing in on that since 1999 – even though it’s never delivered.

Why upset the applecart when things are rolling along so smoothly?

I actually rather doubt that Hendry really does think Holyrood is so fantastic.

Unlike Westminster, with its distinctive green benches, all that polished wood looks more like a version of the Highland Council debating chamber, where he was anchored as a local councillor until just six years ago. I’ve no doubt he’d visibly shudder at the thought of returning to those humble surroundings.

Since then, having successfully climbed the greasy, sleazy SNP pole, he now has a guaranteed ticket to Westminster.

I’ve told the story before but it bears repetition as at least some kind of example about how obsessed he is with the Mother of Parliaments.

When I wrote something mildly critical of him during the 2017 election campaign he was so panicked and enraged by it that he phoned up the editorial chief of the company I worked for when the poor man was still in his bed, before eight on a Sunday morning.

One minute he was listening on his pillow on the radio to the early Sunday service, and the next he had Hendry ranting down the phone at him about the prospect of an article in a paper cutting him off from his beloved Westminster.

Don’t panic, don’t panic!

I have no idea how this bizarre incident came about. I can only imagine Hendry had been pacing the floor all night in his pyjamas thinking the piece might have cost him some votes until, soon after Sabbath daybreak, he could take it no more and erupted.

The next day the recipient of the incandescent phone call told me he thought Hendry had temporarily “lost his marbles”.

That is, at the thought of losing out on being returned to Westminster.

I don’t bear our exalted MP,  now the SNP’s joke “Shadow Trade Secretary” any grudges, not in the least.

But I’m reminded of it any time he implies, as he did yesterday, of how much he detests Westminster, as opposed to the “fantastic” parliament at Holyrood. Although I understand why he has, for the benefit of endlessly gullible SNP voters, to make the right noises.

Meanwhile one of his SNP colleagues, Kirsty Blackman, yesterday produced an utterly sickening response to the Owen Patterson “Tory sleaze” affair when she wrote on Twitter: “Missed your bus because your wife committed suicide and so you were two minutes late to your job centre appointment? – SANCTIONED.”

Patterson’s wife committed suicide on June 24 of last year.

Hendry, to his credit, has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Inverness based Mikeysline, set up in response to the number of people who have taken their own lives in Inverness and in the Highlands.

Whatever their other failings, neither Blackford nor Hendry have ever come anywhere near sinking to the level of this revolting parliamentary representative of the SNP.

The loathsome Ms Blackheart should have been sacked as soon as that vile paragraph became public.

How either Hendry or Blackford can continue in her presence at Westminster and still regard her as a colleague there is beyond comprehension.

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