Climate oddballs and Yes fanatics are not of same stripe. One group tries to avert ‘disaster’, the other tries to bring one down on us

by Colin Campbell

THE temptation to compare Yes pro-independence marchers to vehement “climate emergency” protesters is there. Both are noisy, determined, contain a significant number of fanatics and outright oddballs, and they want what they want – NOW!

But in truth there is no real comparison.

Climate change protesters at least want to prevent disaster, global disaster, as they see it.

The ‘climate emergency’ stunt in Inverness. Picture: Inverness Courier

Yes campaigners actively want to inflict one upon us, reducing Scotland to a state of chaos, poverty and potential ruin. And for many rationally minded people, icebergs may melt, but hell will freeze over before that’s allowed to happen.

The Yes crowd – more like a trickle in these dispiriting days for them – will no doubt be back on the streets, or the pavements, soon enough.

But for now we had to do with a few climate activists trying to make some kind of point by lying down spreadeagled on tarmac in Inverness at the weekend. At least they didn’t superglue their faces to it, as some have done elsewhere.

Few people if any are vehemently against the Inverness bunch, or those who took part in a large COP26 Glasgow demo on Saturday.

But other than caterwauling “climate action NOW” it is not clear what these people want the rest of us to do, or even politicians to do for that matter.

The COP26 talks go on, filled no doubt with good intentions, but the leader of the naive adolescent section of the climate movement, Greta Thunberg, dismissed them as “blah, blah, blah” talks before they’d even begun.

Her devoted supporters seem to agree with her.

So what do they want?

The politicians are trying to reach agreement on long term goals, even although China and Russia didn’t even turn up in Glasgow. But they inevitably are long term.

Thunberg and her fans, and sections of the media struggling to find something interesting to write about, focused heavily on the number of heads of state who arrived in Glasgow on private jets.

This was pathetically trivial and nonsensical. They have been elected to run their countries. They are very busy people facing multiple demands on their time. Only an outright fool would expect them and their aides to queue at airport check-in desks.

This summed up the carping witlessness surrounding much of COP26, as it drags on for another week.

Most people I believe are less than accepting of “climate emergency” claims.

In our own backyard the council will make their “Net Zero” noises but will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to reduce the number of cars on the road because they fear the inevitable backlash, which they would be unable to withstand.

So a few token bike lanes here and there and that’s the lot.

We all want to do our bit to Save the Planet – I cycle everywhere and fly nowhere – but Thunberg and her fellow kids, and the radical, spreadeagled adults supporting them, despite the homage being paid to them by politicians at all levels at the moment, will not be able to force through change which drastically alters people’s lifestyles, and in the example of the disputed future of the oil industy, could cost tens of thousands of jobs.

The sooner COP26 shuts up shop and goes home the better. Many people may view climate change a bit more seriously after it, but many will not.

And as for Nicola Sturgeon, currently believed to be actively pursuing Leonardo Di Caprio before he leaves for a selfie, once it’s all over over she and her gang will instantly return to training their focus on fomenting the only disaster that really, really matters to them, and we know only too well what that is.



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