Maximum exposure for star Cover Girl as many groan at seeing her yet again

by Colin Campbell

THE SNP along with the vile National and and a third party called Business in Scotland is about to undertake the biggest junk mail delivery in the country’s history, with the aim of distributing a million copies of an eight page sheet extolling the virtues of independence.

And guess who’s the Cover Girl?

Yet another iconic picture of Nicola Sturgeon appears, this time with her head framed against the background of the entire globe.


She must think given the number of selfies and images she’s posed for over the years that she’s more photogenic than Marilyn Monroe.


The SNP are good at presenting slogans, particularly trite and utterly meaningless ones.

Apparently an army of volunteers are preparing to brave the winter weather and stuff this material through letterboxes across the land.

How many will actually be distributed remains open to doubt. Claims that a million will be printed may, or may not, be taken at face value.

But it is even more doubtful that there will be enough members of the SNP willing to get involved in a junk delivery on this scale.

Once upon a time, maybe. But when they could only muster a few hundred participants to take part in their latest Yes march in a city the size of Edinburgh, as was recently the case, it is clear that the impetus among the rank and file for stepping out with enthusiasm has veered off course, or fallen off a cliff.

The SNP delivery boys and girls may well take a raincheck on this one.

There has already been criticism from some nationalists over a large photo of Sturgeon adorning the cover.

There are still people around who adore or even worship her, but all the evidence points to their number decreasing fairly rapidly.

She’s good at winning elections, mainly because of an absence of a united, concerted opposition which leaves votes split three ways.

But more and more disgruntled nationalists are insistent that she has done next to nothing over the past seven years for the independence cause, apart from promising to hold a referendum every year since 2017.

And the issue for many people, more concerned with rising petrol and food prices and the lingering threat of covid, has slid completely off the radar.

Those producing this propaganda sheet obviously think that yet another photo of Sturgeon plastered over the front of it will encourage people not engaged with or totally uninterested in indyref2 or independence to pick it up and read it. As opposed to blurting out: “Not that bloody woman again.”

If it turns out that a million are printed and eventually distributed the majority, perhaps even the large majority, will be scooped up with any other doormat junk and chucked straight into the bin.

I’ll read it, to see what the creation of the new world involves, and how exactly it will come into existence, and because I’ve nothing better to do with my time. Converted SNP diehards, those still devoted to Sturgeon, will lap it up. But most people will either dump it straightaway or barely give it a glance.

This initiative can either be viewed as a shot in the arm for the independence cause or a wastefully expensive act of desperation.

It seems much more like the latter.

The nationalist hierarchy wouldn’t need to expend their already strained resources on something like this if the cause they espouse was the subject of widespread discussion and debate. They didn’t attempt a venture like it before the 2014 referendum, because it was indeed being actively discussed in a million households.

The lack of excitement or interest now, even among so many nationalists, is because of how remote the prospect of another referendum, far less them winning it, now seems. The marches have virtually dried up, and that’s not all because of covid.

It’s because interest has flagged to the point where organisers fear that embarrassingly small numbers of people would take part. They’ve duly noted what happened in Edinburgh.

Sturgeon continues to ardently promise – yet another ardent promise – a referendum in 2023, which is not that far away.

But her options for delivering one are next to non-existent.

With constitutional issues devolved to Westminster, Boris Johnson will refuse a section 30 order for a legal referendum out of hand.

If the issue goes to the courts the SNP and Sturgeon are 99 per cent certain to lose, and they are not sufficiently deluded not to know that.

Then their only option is to secure the support of their Green Party acolytes to hold an illegal, wildcat referendum under the auspices of the Scottish Parliament. Even if they could persuade all councils to process the votes, which seems hugely unlikely, it would be ignored and boycotted by more than half the population, leaving the SNP humiliated the length and breadth of the the UK and across their beloved EU.

In truth it’s all very well for the fanatics and zealots to berate Sturgeon for “failing to name the date” but there are blindingly obvious reasons why she’s not done so, which they just refuse to acknowledge or recognise.

Not that we need have much sympathy for her. Countless selfies at COP26, numerous souvenir pictures of her clutching on to the hands of various world leaders, including senile old Joe Biden, and actually getting to speak with them for a moment or two. Never mind the Net Zero, just wonder at her narcissism.

And now she’s the star Cover Girl in a propaganda sheet purportedly being delivered across Scotland.

Is there anything more she could desire?

3 thoughts on “Maximum exposure for star Cover Girl as many groan at seeing her yet again

  1. At a tangent, I have just seen a pic of Sturgeon on Herald website with Indian tycoon, she has got a tilak on her forehead , why has she not gone the whole way and worn a sari??


  2. Now with the COVID updates back in full swing The wee Krankie Sturgeon is in her element all of course while reading off the script which was prepared for .she would like you to think she is so knowledgeable on the subject any fool could do what she does just copy other people what they say
    And of course supported by her side kick The Chocolate Dentist himself Jason Leach he can hardly speak with conceit and full of his own importance what a humble person he is
    Trust we will not have to suffer them for too long


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