Hendry: Time to forget about Gibraltar and focus again on trying to steal that mace

by Colin Campbell

DREW Hendry last week returned, somewhat unwisely I thought, to Gibraltar in his local newspaper column.

It was headed: “Important Gibraltrar trip marred by false claims says MP Drew Hendry who argues politicians must do all they can to learn about our current service personnel’s challenges.”

Drew Hendry…maced out.

When I saw that my surprised reaction was: “He’s back on it again.” (The topic I meant, not the sauce).

There followed some sub-Churchillian observations about the heroism over the centuries of the British Army. The British Army that is, that he and the SNP want to tear the heart out of by ripping apart the UK.

Then he was back in Gibraltar, again denying that anything that was said to have happened ever took place.

“It may not have escaped your attention,” he said, “that while there, I was subject to some highly false accusations regarding my conduct. These claims are untrue. It is disappointing that other politicians chose this particular cross-party visit to politicise what was, otherwise, a very important, intensive and informative experience.

“I will leave that to their own consciences, and I will continue to engage with our serving men and women and our veterans and to thank them for their current and past sacrifices.”

Well no, it didn’t escape our attention actually, Drew.

But we believe you, we believe you. Every word was a concoction by the evil Tories, who calculated that the most effective way to divert national attention from Boris Johnson’s sleaze problem was to make up a false story about you.

No one I know for one second believes you got juiced up before departure, got drunk as a skunk on the plane, and ended up wheeling about the terminal making air guitar rifle bayonet jabbing motions in the direction of bemused airport officials yelling: “They don’t like it up ‘em, they don’t like it up ‘em.”

Or any other invention by the evil Tories.

So it’s best to forget about it and just move on.

And as it’s almost December, it’s time to stiffen your spine and get ready to march into the Commons and try again to steal that mace.



One thought on “Hendry: Time to forget about Gibraltar and focus again on trying to steal that mace

  1. Now we know why Drewth Hendry is so often on the bike in town and not his Saab (funded by British Government ) it’s because he cannot drink and drive and he is quite right taking no chances
    Going round all his social security hand out pals making sure they do not miss a claim
    That’s how he justifies the big bucks he gets from the British Government what a chancer ,why do we put up with him?


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