Boris Johnson must keep the SNP wrecking squad in their gloomy, morose place

by Colin Campbell

DREW Hendry appeared on a radio phone in programme on Wednesday to denounce Boris Johnson over a No 10 party some of his staff were involved in last Christmas. Johnson is said to be furious about it and has ordered an inquiry.

I didn’t hear the programme because I rarely listen to these phone ins. I understand you might have to wait an hour or so and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen you get 30 seconds to rant on about something or other that’s got your goat, often sounding jumbled and incoherent. You’d be better becoming a local pub bore.

So I don’t know if Hendry was invited on as a guest or if he was in the queue as “Drew from Inverness”. I just got his contribution from a minute long clip on his Twitter site.

He said Johnson is a liar and should resign. Yes well, he’s not going to resign.

I hope Hendry didn’t have to queue for an hour just to say that. Better, indeed, being the pub bore.

But that’s a reminder. The last time there was this kind of rumpus over “Tory sleaze” the Inverness MP found himself somewhere in the middle of it, or so he claimed, when it was apparently decided at Tory HQ that the best way to divert the attention of the nation was to concoct a totally and utterly false story about Drew Hendry getting plastered on a freebie trip to Gibraltar and making an exhibition of himself on arrival at the airport. He strongly denied it.

Those shameless Tories! Maybe Hendry’s worried they’ll invent something else about him to shift national attention away from the latest shenanigan. I can’t imagine what they might come up with next.

It’s almost exactly a year ago that Hendry behaved like a disgraceful lout when he tried to steal the mace from the House of Commons and take it back to Inverness. He was, fortunately, stopped at the door.

Was that a resigning issue? Probably not. At least not in the present circumstances where we’re accustomed to SNP MPs being a national embarrassment and bringing shame on Scotland and the people they represent.

And no one has ever made a better job of that than Hendry’s pal across the Kessock Bridge. Ian Blackford’s jowls were wobbling furiously and his belly was heaving yesterday as he made his weekly contribution at PMQs.

We’ve run out of descriptions to apply to Blackford when he turns up the volume to full blustering mode, as he did over the staff party furore.

But no one listens to him anyway. Brexit, sleaze, lying, corruption, Brexit, insult to the people of Scotland, we will take no more, parties, independence, disgrace, most of it’s drowned out by jeers and mockery, the most entertaining part of his contribution.

What we do know is that the SNP leader at Westminster, the “simple 10 acres crofter” who bought a luxury Range Rover for his wife, is a political hypocrite who rakes in up to £250,000 in annual expenses, in addition to his vast salary, from a Westminster system he claims to loathe.

And how adept he can be at playing to the gallery of English hating bigots who make up a substantial proportion of support for the SNP. When a border sign was doctored telling people travelling north to f*** off this odious buffoon gleefully endorsed it. This was when the tourist season was coming alive last year and businesses in his own constituency desperately needed an influx of visitors to survive.

That should have been a resigning issue. But as he curried favour with the bigots, there was no apology from Blackford, far less any censure from the SNP.

And what of Queen Nicola herself? She inevitably weighed in over the No 10 party as well. Should she have resigned over the Salmond affair, when she was accused of outright lying and trying to get her predecessor jailed?

Should she have resigned when hospital patients were discharged into care homes without being tested for the virus, leading to heartbreak and many, many deaths?

Boris Johnson will not resign, no matter how many phone in queues Drew Hendry joins to spout off about him.

In normal times many people in Scotland might look upon the situation differently.

But the Prime Minister is implacably opposed to another independence referendum and the division and almost inevitably the violence it would result in. Sturgeon has no credible way forward and there things shall remain.

Neither for all his flaws does Boris Johnson want to rob us of our savings and our pensions, send the value of our properties crashing, our mortgages soaring and plunge us into a world of confusion and uncertainty where we didn’t even know what currency we would be using.

The chancers, liars, spivs and charlatans in charge of the SNP are hellbent on doing just that.

Boris Johnson’s party pickle problems will very soon pass. The ongoing priority for the majority of people north of the border is that he keeps the SNP wrecking squad in their gloomy and morose place.

One thought on “Boris Johnson must keep the SNP wrecking squad in their gloomy, morose place

  1. Colin keep up the good work we must make certain the SNP do not take control of the major position in Scotland we are ready to oppose them.


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