THE TRUTH: After Sturgeon’s tsunami days, she’ll float away to a lucrative job of her choosing

by Colin Campbell
Nicola Sturgeon…referendum sham.

DOMINIC Cummings has revealed Nicola Sturgeon has “quietly made it clear” to the UK Government that she doesn’t want another independence referendum until at least 2024.

This may be devastating news for many nationalists. Some have claimed Cummings is a liar. But these are the same people who seized on every word he said as coming from a flawless truth teller when earlier in the year he was dishing out the dirt on Boris Johnson.

Sturgeon’s aversion to another referendum is not all that surprising to those who don’t have the face paint and blinkers on.

It would explain why there is no economic plan for an independent Scotland and no indication on something as basic as what currency we would use. She tossed a bone to her followers when she recently said that indyref2 campaigning would “begin in earnest in the spring”. But as one of I suspect many thoroughly exasperated nats demanded: “What has she been doing for the past seven years?”

So it’s all a sham and a charade. And if that’s not a certainty, it certainly carries the weight of probability.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford is probably in on it. Maybe that’s why Sturgeon keeps the oaf in such a prominent position.  As a political hypocrite, he’s in a class of his own, and he’s also a bloated liability and national embarrassment who causes damage to the entire independence movement every time he opens his mouth.

Further down the food chain, is Inverness MP Drew Hendry aware of the Sturgeon con? Probably. I’ve no doubt he’s relieved.

How many people seriously, I mean seriously, believe a glorified ex-councillor like Hendry wants to give up the lucrative Westminster salary, the vast expenses, the prestige, perks, and privileges, and the highly refreshing freebies to sunny places, to become embroiled in a bitter dogfight over independence which could result in him losing everything? I genuinely do not believe that. I think he’s more than happy to glide along enjoying an extremely comfortable lifestyle where he is. The same applies to most of the rest of the SNP chancers at Westminster, and the likes of Fergus Ewing at Holyrood too.

As for Sturgeon, she can keep a tsunami of virus scaremongering flooding over us for as long as she chooses. Fewer and fewer people will listen to her, but her fallback position is there to justify her lack of action on independence.

After the omicron paranoia has passed there will be another variant emerging that Sturgeon can seize on. This could continue indefinitely.

I watched her televised briefing yesterday for only the second or third time and thought she came across reasonably well. But if you focus on her it’s not difficult to spot the character change from “I want to be straight with you Sturgeon” into a devious, manipulative minx.

When a journalist asked her one particular question, a fairly anodyne query, she feigned mild exasperation and said she didn’t want to respond in a way that “would give him a headline”.

But she’d already given him and everyone else across the country a headline by warning of a “tsunami of infections” to come, a soundbite that instantly dominated the media. It was cheap, contrived, cynical and alarmist. A headline grabbing example of Sturgeon scaremongering at its worst.

Early findings indicate that omicron infections have milder symptoms than previous variants. But still we have this madness where people who have the slightest contact with anyone found to have the virus are supposed to self isolate for days on end. As of yesterday there were 25 people in Highland hospitals suffering from covid, 0.1 per cent of the population. No one has been in intensive care for months.

But whatever the future of life with the virus paranoia, we now have more than a glimmer of the truth about Queen Nicola and her fake referendum.

It’ll be long time coming and she won’t be around to see it happen. After her tsunami days are over, she’ll float away to a lucrative international job of her choosing, leaving the non-independence mess and the seething nationalist malcontents far behind.

One thought on “THE TRUTH: After Sturgeon’s tsunami days, she’ll float away to a lucrative job of her choosing

  1. with regard to the figure of 25 people in Highland hospitals it would be good to know how many have the latest virus and also how many of the patients have been fully vaccinated.
    Daily statistics read out every day on TV state how many in the country are currently hospitalise. How easy would it be for an additional stataistic to be added, namely how many of the hospitalised have not been vaccinated. That figure could be very revealing
    and could give additional comfort to those of us who have been fully vaccinated and wish to go about our daily business with fewer concerns about succumbing to any of the variants currently circulating.


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