If a tsunami rolled in and swept Sturgeon away it would be a blessing

by Colin Campbell

“Can anyone face another long, bleak midwinter” was one of the more idiotic headlines which appeared in a paper on Saturday.

The writer went on to regale readers at length about her latest bout of virus fear and dread, this time caused by the omicron variant.

But she omitted to offer any advice for anyone who cannot face the prospect as she described.

Probably just as well.

I’ve virtually given up buying papers because they’re so full of this kind of pointless rubbish.

Either that, or they’re trying to scare the living daylights out of people by seizing on the latest virus terror.

Nicola Sturgeon knew exactly the impact her words would have on Friday when she warned of a “tsunami” of omicron infections. And that it would “run riot” across the nation.

The media seized on them with relish. It was a toxic combination guaranteed to inculcate the maximum fear in people. And it succeeded.

There were more masks in Inverness city centre on Saturday than I’ve ever seen before.

Those idiots, young and fit, who walk along empty streets with their faces almost completely covered, would insist they are not idiots at all.

The tenor of the warnings circulating just now is that omicron is so infectious that you can catch it if you step outside your house. And that is little exaggeration. “Experts” are warning that its “attack rate” is such that one person infected with it could infect three quarters of the others in a large indoor area. But they reluctantly admit that this is far from proven fact, but worst case scenario guesswork.

That doesn’t stop them making these claims anyway.

What chance have we got?

No wonder Christmas parties are being cancelled everywhere, again decimating the hospitality industry. Meanwhile there must be many people in near despair that we are almost back to square one.

Did Sturgeon pause for a moment to think of the mental health impact on them?

But we are nowhere near back to square one, with most of us having been triple vaccinated, thanks to Boris Johnson and the UK Government, offering a huge degree of protection from serious illness.

Gratifyingly, not everyone has been affected by Sturgeon’s tsunami warnings. Bars in the city centre were still quite busy on Saturday afternoon.

Omicron is said to be more infectious than previous variants, but the symptoms are said to be milder. There is still a wide element of speculation in this.

As of yesterday there were only 25 people in Highland hospitals suffering from covid out of a population of over 200,000, just 0.1 per cent of the population. These numbers in the next few weeks may soar. The lockdown fanatics who for some reason that God alone might comprehend want a return to draconian restrictions, and they may actually be hoping that happens.

But the hospitalisation number may not soar, or even increase, but will continue to fall. Thanks to the vaccines, thanks to the level of protection, and in stubborn defiance of Sturgeon and her relentlessly doom-mongering “experts”.

Omicron or no omicron, many people will ignore any rules, far less “guidance”, that will plunge Christmas into any kind of lockdown misery or chaos. We have had enough.

Sturgeon has had her day of ruling over every aspect of our lives, no matter how well intentioned she insists her brutally cynical and calculated motives are.

If she has her way, after the omicron frenzy has died down there will be another one rolling in to sweep like a tsunami over us. This could literally go on for years. Many believe she is now becoming a power crazed despot. If a tsunami rolled in and swept her away, it would be a blessing.

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