Superb upgrade brings leisure centre best value for money gym in Scotland

by Colin Campbell

HIGH Life Highland and the Inverness Leisure Centre have played an absolute blinder during the entire virus saga. When leisure venues across Scotland got the go-ahead to reopen last year the leisure centre as a statement of intent opened at midnight on the first day to welcome back customers.

Their commitment to getting the venue, so much missed during lockdown, up and running again could not have been clearer.

For regular users of the centre it was hugely uplifting to see a building that had been a dismally empty shell for months back in action again.

Although a further lockdown followed in December they were first out of the blocks in reopening again earlier this year, and although people were initially slow in returning numbers have steadily picked up and the facility is regaining much of the thriving energy it had before all this started.

Now it has been enhanced by a new gym. Larger, fresher, brighter, and enhanced by a superb array of top of the range new equipment it is a triumph for the centre.

We had hoped for a significant upgrade. But the transformation has surpassed all expectations.

The leisure centre now has one of the best gyms in Scotland, and almost certainly the best value for money gym in the country.

I’ve seen quite a few changes during my time there but this is by far the best yet. Everyone I’ve spoken to is similarly impressed by the transformation.

Not so long ago I took a relative of mine from Perth who uses a publicly funded gym there along to the leisure centre and he was envious of the venue as it was then. He would be absolutely bowled over by what we are lucky enough to have now. And his monthly charge is close to double the £20.60 I pay per month.

This is a terrific facility for Inverness and the benefits it brings to the city cannot be overestimated.

In these difficult times, all those who work at the leisure centre, and High Life Highland, deserve huge credit for the morale boost they have brought to many and the enhancement in health and wellbeing that goes with it.

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