These SNP spivs and chancers must NEVER be trusted with our pensions

by Colin Campbell

INVERNESS MP Drew Hendry had Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford on one of his usual garbage spewing podcasts this week.

The only thing that separates this pair of SNP chancers is the width of the Kessock Bridge.

Hendry’s offering this time was on the subject of pensions, an independence issue which should send a shiver up the spine of current state pensioners, and anyone over 50, at a minimum.

It was the usual outpouring of fantasy, wishful thinking and drivel.

But one part of it did catch my attention.

Post independence, Hendry asked the “simple 10 acres crofter”, what would happen that would bring about a difference regarding payment of the state pension.

“Absolutely nothing,” Blackford replied immediately. And he went on to assert the “commitment” and “obligation” to pay pensions to residents of an independent Scotland would rest with the UK Government.

And he continued: “It’s no different to UK citizens who choose to live in Canada or Spain or France or anywhere else.”

Ian Blackford…yet another blatant falsehoold.

Even for a nationalist charlatan like this odious buffoon, this was an example of plumbing the depths of brazen falsehood.

The situation would be different. Very different indeed.

UK citizens who choose to live in Canada or Spain or France “or anywhere else” are UK citizens. That is why the UK continues to pay their pensions.

Residents of an independent Scotland would not be UK citizens. That’s what independence is all about, unless the SNP has undergone an acrobatic change in policy in which they want everyone to remain as UK citizens after Scottish independence.

Except they haven’t.

So for Blackford to claim that the situation would be “no different” is for that reason alone simply untrue.

Negotiations over pensions and the myriad complexities of how they should be paid would take place and some kind of agreement would in the end be reached.

How that would work out no one knows. The rest of the UK, sick of dealing with the endless provocations of nationalist bigots, whingers and English haters could very well take a very, very hard line indeed.

With the SNP’s fixation on getting know-nothing kids to vote in a referendum, and on what they believe to be the majority support for independence among younger people, they would be their priority. No one should be trying to set old against young. But pensioners and those within striking distance of pension age would have everything to fear.

Angus “the ghoul” Robertson has already, notoriously, welcomed the yearly shift in demographics which he believes is changing the voting numbers in favour of independence. What he welcomed was the fact that elderly people who in 2014 voted to remain in the UK are dying off.

And only a few weeks ago this view was echoed by Nicola Sturgeon herself when she said in a newspaper interview that she could afford to be patient when it came to holding another referendum because the demographics were shifting in her favour.

As an older person myself, sorry we’re not dying off fast enough for you Nicola.

You did a good job in those care homes, though.

But to get back to the “simple 10 acres crofter” Blackford.

He and his SNP cronies lie so often it’s barely worth trying to record them all. It’s what they do for a living.

His utterly brazen assertion to Hendry, who wouldn’t know the difference between a serious pensions analysis and the back of a pantomime horse, that the pensions situation for residents of an independent Scotland would be “no different” from that of UK citizens living abroad is yet another one.

If Blackford, Hendry and the rest of the SNP gang of chancers ever do come up with some kind of documented plan for independence, it would very rapidly be forensically torn apart.

But they won’t because they don’t have one. These spivs somehow believe a majority of Scots will “take them on trust” to get everything right AFTER independence.

Trust them? I’d rather trust my pension with an amateur card sharp in a high stakes poker game.

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