Excessive, nonsensical rules on self isolation will ruin Christmas for many

by Colin Campbell

CHRISTMAS Day won’t be “cancelled” and there won’t be a lockdown affecting it, Nicola Sturgeon has magnanimously announced.

At least that makes some clear sense.

But it’s been cancelled for me anyway because the relatives I planned to spend it with are all self isolating. The interior of their house in Inverness is off limits and will be until Boxing Day. With what seems to be mass self isolation everywhere, how many people are in the same situation?

They are behaving like model citizens and are sticking very firmly by the “rules”. I don’t fault them on that.

But although there has been no trace of disagreement, and there certainly won’t be, I wouldn’t stick so firmly by the rules.

Because the rules to me, and I’ve invested all of my 65 years of wisdom, experience and excessively merry Christmas Days past in thinking it through, don’t make sense.

The husband developed symptoms and took a PCR test last Wednesday. That turned out to be positive.

So he and everyone else there had to self isolate.

Sticking by those rules again, that began for the first full day last Thursday.

So counting through the days, that’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and day 10, which is Christmas Day.

I go down most days, stand outside the house, and then take my special pal the dog down to the riverside, where I kick a tennis ball about and he chases after it in frantic excitement, before he leaps through the barrier and plunges into the icy river, enjoying every minute of it. As so many people I’ve met and spoken to agree, dogs are terrific company.

I sometimes think he’s brighter than some of those who’ve made up those rules.

Everyone in the house is fine, absolutely fine, although they’re all getting a bit bored by it all now.

The husband, who’s fully vaccinated, barely had any symptoms at all.

His wife, who is fully vaccinated and boostered, is virus free, despite being 24 hours a day in the same house as the covid “victim”.

And their 12-year-old-daughter, who has had one jab, is virus free also.

After almost a week of very close “exposure” to someone who caught the virus, what are the chances of them contracting it now?

I imagine Sturgeon and her retinue of doleful “experts” would gloomily intone: “You can never be too careful.”

But if they haven’t caught it after six days, what are the chances of them contracting it on day nine or day 10?

And if none of them have caught it by day 10, Christmas Day, after spending well over 200 hours in direct contact with the “victim”, what are the chances of me catching it, fully vaccinated and boostered, if I went along for a couple of hours for a bit of Christmas grub?

Somewhere between zero and non-existent.

But rules are rules. As I’m not particularly bothered about Christmas Day anyway, it’s no terribly big deal either way, but I can imagine how upsetting it is for others with a markedly different outlook.

But no wonder sections of society are virtually grinding to a halt with these excessive, bordering on nonsensical 10 day self-isolation rules in force. And no wonder the NHS is under such pressure with so many staff so needlessly off work.

Sturgeon probably wanted to keep up the scaremongering and let her lockdown instincts run free, but assumed it would be pointless and could backfire on her, as rules would have been ignored, broken and smashed to smithereens all over the place.

Many people are no longer listening to her and are deciding what rules will apply to themselves.

Some will brand that selfish and the virus paranoics who’d seemingly like a permanent state of lockdown will denounce it as utterly selfish and reckless.

I think it’s very welcome. And despite the omicron hysteria fuelled by our appalling media, it’s the right way ahead.

So many people are now saying we’ve had enough of all this and Sturgeon on her daily podium playing Queen Despot. She doesn’t know what she’s doing anymore anyway, but she still wants the melodrama of those multiple grave announcements and people hanging on her every word. Her sidekick “experts” also sound as if they’re now making it up as they go along.

We won’t know the full impact of omicron for two or three weeks yet, and if it’s likely to devastate the NHS in the way the “experts” who’ve been wrong so often before are predicting.

But as of Monday there were only 20 people with covid in hospitals across the Highlands. Two days ago there were just 19, which along with two other days when there also only 19 covid patients, is the lowest figure since August, four months ago.

That’s less than 0.01 of the population.

If the omicron predictions prove to be wrong and the latest pandemonium and new lockdown warnings prove to be yet another wild overreaction, I think that will be the final straw for many people when It comes to edicts and “rules”. And if that happens, it won’t be before time.

And I could see virtually every man and his dog agreeing with that.


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