Locked up for days, or weeks, by excessive ‘self isolation’ rules, what a jolly festive season many people are not going to have

by Colin Campbell

WHAT a jolly Christmas so many people are not going to have.

Self-isolating for days if not weeks of boredom and lassitude as decreed by the hysterical virus scaremonger Nicola Sturgeon, locked up as if they were in jail.

On the way home from the superb new Inverness leisure centre gym yesterday (eerily quiet, partly no doubt because of pre-Christmas activity and party because of the fear and dread spread by Sturgeon and her tsunami warnings) I looked in at the house of the folks where it was intended I would get some turkey and trimmings on Christmas Day.

As I’ve already reported, the husband there caught the virus last week so it’s been off limits for the past seven days. He felt a bit off colour for a day or two and that was all. He’s fine now, and has been since around last Friday.

Another three days of “self-isolation” to go however, until Boxing Day.

Now, eventually, his wife has caught it too. I suppose as she’s been under the same roof as him 24 hours a day that was inevitable.

On a very, cold wet evening, I very sympathetically got her out of bed to come downstairs to tell me how she was feeling.

She was a bit queasy and has a mild headache. She’d thought she’d have a lie down.

As you do when you’re feeling a bit off colour.

I’ve no doubt she’ll be as right as rain by Christmas Eve.

But no matter, the self-isolation process has to start all over again.

So that’s another 10 days of it. By the time she’s released under the “rules” she won’t have had a breath of fresh air for more than two weeks.

That in itself can’t be good for you.

Probably worse than the virus.

We’ve been saying here since drama queen and despot Sturgeon went on television yet again with her grave “broadcast to the nation” about omicron that it looked like her main intention was to needlessly scare the living daylights out of people, in which she’s most definitely succeeded.

And last night the Guardian, which has been the most relentlessly doom-mongering media outlet – or recklessly irresponsible rag – since all this began, carried a report on omicron.

It was good news. They must have printed that with the greatest reluctance. Having to present news which deviated from the typical media “virus terror” theme must have induced a sickly, off colour feeling as each sentence was written. It read:

The Omicron variant of coronavirus appears to be milder, with a 20%-25% reduced chance of a hospital visit and at least a 40% lower risk of being admitted overnight, the first UK data of its kind has showed.

In what was described by scientists as a “qualified good news story”, two studies on Wednesday pointed to a lower risk of hospitalisation with Omicron.

An Imperial College outbreak modelling team led by Prof Neil Ferguson analysed hospitalisations and vaccine records among all PCR-confirmed Covid cases in England between 1 and 14 December. The dataset included 56,000 cases of Omicron and 269,000 cases of Delta.

Their report found that the risk of any attendance at hospital was 20% to 25% lower with Omicron versus Delta, and 40%-45% lower when the visit resulted in admission for at least one night.

Good news? Sturgeon must have winced when she saw that too.

Will she go on television to make a “broadcast to the nation” about this turn of events, and confirm that her cancellation spree and veiled threats of another mass lockdown will be null and void by mid-January?

Absolutely not. There’s still a fractional chance for her after all that things could get worse.

Update: As of Wednesday there were a total of only 19 people in hospitals across the Highlands suffering from covid, out of a population of more than 200,000. With the exception of Tuesday, when there were 18, this is the lowest figure for four months.

One thought on “Locked up for days, or weeks, by excessive ‘self isolation’ rules, what a jolly festive season many people are not going to have

  1. What a disaster for Wee Krankie Sturgeon and The Chocolate Dentist himself Jason Leech no more grandstanding to speak to the Scottish nation and I bet she is glad all the older generation are going to be safe with the mild variant (and I don’t think)
    Best thing she can do is off to Portugal with Peter and the magpies and stay there they might even find the SNP missing £600,000


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