Drew Hendry and Leonardo: no connection immediately springs to mind

by Colin Campbell

INVERNESS MP Drew Hendry has produced a series of podcasts of which he is inordinately proud.

I’ve listened to two or three of them. They involve Hendry and other SNP talking heads agreeing with each other on everything that’s good about the case for independence. They might be more interesting if they occasionally included someone who takes even a mildly opposing view.

But that is neither Hendry’s nor the SNP’s style.

In the last one I listened to Ian Blackford, his money grubbing Westminster crony across the Kessock Bridge, presenting the outright lie that the UK Government would have the responsibility for paying the pensions of people in an independent Scotland.

In a previous one Hendry and another couple of SNP characters ventured on to the very tricky subject of what currency an independent Scotland would use. I did listen quite closely to that, but needn’t have bothered. Answers were there none. The consensus was that it would depend on the circumstances at the time. Which is another way of these chancers saying, “Just trust us, we’ll sort it out when we’re free.”

I don’t know how many people listen on these podcasts to the wit and wisdom of Drew Hendry. Not many I imagine. But given the gibberish they contain, it might be assumed they’re calculated to put people off backing independence, rather than supporting it.

Rather bizarrely, on his Twitter site Hendry heralds his next effort with a video clip of actor Leonardo Di Caprio smiling and raising a glass.

What message, if any, this is supposed to convey is anyone’s guess.

No obvious link between A-list actor Leonardo Di Caprio and Z-list politician Drew Hendry immediately springs to mind.

Apart, that is, than the fact that they are both actors, with the role being very shakily filled by Hendry.

The glorified ex-councillor is now the SNP’s joke “Shadow Trade Secretary” at Westminster where he has to act like he knows what he’s talking about. But that is just a leap too far for the former chairman of the council bus shelter upgrades committee, or something similar.

More challengingly, he has to act like he really, really wants independence, which would mean him leaving his lucrative Westminster salary and vast expenses behind, and having to find an entirely new way of earning a living among the SNP’s nest of vipers, which would not be easy. Nevertheless, it seems some find him quite convincing in that role.

And he also has to act like he hates the Westminster system from which so much largesse pours forth, and where he claims to feel “imprisoned”. That’s a very difficult one to pull off, but again, some very gullible people still gawp at his performance and admire him.

So there may after all be a very tenuous connection between Drew Hendry and Leonardo Di Caprio if you strain your brain hard enough to think of one. And that’s perhaps why Drew has Leonardo heralding his latest podcast.

In the light of recent events however, I’m not sure if a clip of him raising a glass of booze was such a good idea.

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