STURGEON THE DODGY DICTATOR: Her ‘good virus’ days are well and truly over

by Colin Campbell

A YEAR ago Nicola Sturgeon was riding high on her daily BBC TV show podium and was deemed by many to be having a “good virus”.

She’s not having such a good one now.

Thousands of revellers are set to head across the border to celebrate Hogmanay in England, where no restrictions apply, after Sturgeon’s New Year blackout diktat.

Good luck to them, I hope they make the most of it, as I’m sure they will.

And what has that embarrassing SNP charlatan Ian Blackford, who last year gleefully endorsed a border sign telling English tourists to f*** off, got to say about this mass counter movement? Not a lot.

Meanwhile, more and more people are getting thoroughly fed up with Sturgeon’s draconian self-isolation rules and her refusal to budge from her 10 day restriction, which is causing massive disruption to people’s lives.

Ironically, this is coming about because more are becoming infected by the virus, with whatever variant it may be.

And as such they are no longer influenced by the BBC and the media with their daily dose of doom mongering.

They are seeing for themselves within their households the direct, very personal evidence of how minimal or at least tolerable the symptoms are. This wasn’t a view I’ve been wholly convinced by, but now seeing and hearing the evidence at first hand, the inescapable conclusion is that it’s true.

We’ve been reporting here on the situation of families we know very well who have been affected by the virus over the festive season.

Family one: Husband infected two or so weeks ago – minor, cold like symptoms. His wife, the same. One of their children, aged eight – very slight symptoms. The other child, aged 12, not infected at all. But still they’ve been cooped up since it began, and though the husband can go out now, his wife still has several days to go. Last night from the doorstep she said she was thoroughly sick of Sturgeon’s ultra-cautious lockdown approach.

Related family two: Son in his 20s tested positive a few days ago, with minor symptoms. Father tested positive afterwards – no symptoms at all. Mother and younger brother still haven’t contracted the virus, despite being under the same roof 24 hours a day.

The result: Everyone irately and seriously questioning whether, given the range of tests now available, it’s still necessary to lock up fully vaccinated and boostered people for such a lengthy period of time.

And their feelings about it aren’t being confined within their four walls. The questioning and doubts are communicated to friends. This must be happening in homes across Inverness and across Scotland, leading to an outward wave, a tsunami even, of highly critical scepticism.

In England the self isolation period has been cut to seven days. Even among those who have no axe to grind with Sturgeon, the question is hitting home: is she just being excessively tough because she wants to be seen to be doing things differently?

And while infections are rising with omicron, hospitalisations are not. In fact as we’ve previously reported, in the Highlands they’re falling, down to a figure of 11 out of a population of 200,000 in hospitals here, the lowest since August.

The Scotsman newspaper, like much of the Scottish media in thrall to Sturgeon and scared of being boycotted by SNP supporters, conveniently for her yesterday carried a headline that the “tsunami had struck”.

That would have gladdened her heart. But the report buried the fact that it had “struck” to little or no effect on the NHS which was supposedly at risk of being “overwhelmed” by it.

The full impact of omicron will take another couple of weeks to emerge.

Where does this leave Sturgeon? Humanely hoping it proves minimal?

Or politically hoping it turns out very badly indeed to show that she didn’t wildly overreact and wasn’t virulently scaremongering with her dire warnings?

I’d like to think her humanity would prevail, but who can tell. Surrounded by sycophants and having become so used to being the self styled “Mother of the Nation” over the past two years, could she bear to suffer the loss of face?

One thing is certain. If Boris her favourite “buffoon” got omicron right by imposing minimal restrictions and she turns out as the dodgy dictator who got it wrong with her national blackout, she will be made to look very stupid indeed.

Apart from her most devout and devoted followers no one will be listening to her anymore, even fewer than are now.

And all the time fervent nationalists will be demanding that she now turns her attention to trying to tear Scotland apart by legislating for an illegal referendum.

Their patience with Sturgeon has been stretched to the limit as it is.

As the busloads of revellers head south to celebrate Hogmanay, Queen Nicola could soon find herself in a very dark place indeed.

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