Now Swinney, who always looks like he’s just returned from a funeral, joins his dictator boss in serial scaremongering

by Colin Campbell

NOW John Swinney, who always looks like he’s just returned from a funeral, has joined in with his boss in telling Scots how they should not celebrate Hogmanay.

The SNP deputy leader warned people against heading south of the border, where clubs and other venues will be open as normal, as those going there would be contravening “the spirit of the Scottish Government’s regulations”.

Spirits there will be aplenty in Carlisle and Newcastle.

And we hope thousands of Scots rebelling against Sturgeon the megalomaniac dictator enjoy them to the full.

Fully vaccinated and mostly boostered, they are certainly fully entitled to do so.

Swinney and the rest of the SNP gang, who would probably rather catch covid than risk disagreeing with their autocratic boss, is already behind the times.

Fewer and fewer people are interested in “the spirit of the Scottish Government’s regulations”, if they’ve even bothered checking out what they are.

For the second year in a row there will be a New Year’s Eve blackout across Scotland, something people never thought conceivable as they stretched their arm out for the second jab.

Far less when they got the booster as well.

What is the science that Sturgeon is relying on to do things so differently from England, a much more densely populated country?

Given her track record, the overpowering suspicion is that there is none. At the end of the year, as has been the case all the way through it, her focus is on doing things differently from the English because she always wants to do things differently from the English.

And thereby gain some political plaudits from her more crazed independence followers who view England as a “foreign country”, and an “evil oppressor” as well.

These zealots will always stand behind her in those circumstances.

Not happening yet again…but thousands will head south to escape the New Year blackout across Scotland.

Yesterday Sturgeon, the self styled Mother of the Nation, refused to change the 10 day self isolation ruling, which has resulted in people who pose no risk to anyone being locked up in their homes for days, or even weeks on end, if a family member tests positive near the end of their long stretch of confinement.

In England, self isolation has been cut to seven days.

At what should be the busiest time of the year the hospitality industry has again been decimated. With no furlough in place it’s the lowest paid workers, who would have swelled their pay packets by being on double time if they’d worked over Christmas and New Year, who are again being hit hardest.

Sturgeon said yesterday that the omicron variant was “very, very infectious”.

This was actually tame stuff compared with her initial epic scaremongering a month ago when she said it would hit like a “tsunami”, and would “run riot” across the nation.

She seems increasingly desperate to see her scaremongering proved right.

And it must be a source of immense end of year frustration to her that her dire warnings are being overshadowed by a growing mountain of evidence that the symptoms of omicron are much milder than previous variants, being little more than a common cold.

And that more and more people now know families who have been infected by the virus, as we do, and confirm that their symptoms are either negligible or at worst tolerable, at their very worst like a dose of the flu. And no one one we know has fallen into the flu like category.

And yet, fully vaccinated and some with triple doses, they are still cooped up without an outside breath of fresh air, as if they were still in the pre-vaccine dark days of 12 months ago.

Meanwhile, as a result of Sturgeon’s insistence on “being different” her excessive self isolation rules are causing massive disruption to vital public services.

But the national dictator who has for the past two years become addicted to people hanging on her every word, can never be seen to admit she got anything wrong.

If “the English” would agree to pay for it, Sturgeon’s lockdown enthusiasm would be stepped up this New Year and in the weeks ahead. And it wouldn’t go away. Whenever a new “variant” appeared, whether in March or August or November of 2022, the near certainty is we would be compelled to go through the same draconian process again.

Diktats on how we should conduct every aspect of our lives would be a never ending feature of life under Nicola Sturgeon.

Always delivered in the same style. “I really, really don’t want to have to do this. But I’m going to anyway.”

Revellers heading south in their thousands have had enough of it. As have hundreds of thousands who will celebrate Hogmanay in their own homes with relatives and friends.

And not even Sturgeon and Swinney can ban that.

Update: As of Thursday, there were just 19 people in hospitals across the Highlands suffering from covid out of a population of more than 200,000, the lowest figure since August. Three days ago the number fell to just SEVEN, the lowest figure since the beginning of July.

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