Inverness news and views readership more than doubled in 20021, to almost 70,000

AS Inverness news and views enters its fourth year, having been launched in January 2019, we are glad to report a steady rise in readership.

In truth, we have not dwelt too much on readership statistics, because the first rule in a venture like this is – virtually ignore them.

It takes time to gain readers, and according to numerous online surveys which have been carried out more than 95 per cent of those who do start out in a mood of excessive optimism give up after three or four months, discouraged by the fact that virtually no one, or no one at all, is reading what they write.

And given the multi-million number of websites online, that is scarcely surprising. In a clichéd phrase, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Over the past year, articles which have appeared here have been read just under 70,000 times. That’s more than double the figure for 2020, and more than eight times the figure for our fledgling year of 2019.

To clarify, does that mean we have 70,000 readers? No, obviously not.

What it means is that someone, somewhere, in the Highlands or elsewhere, has opened an article and read it. And that has happened almost 70,000 times.

They may be regular or fairly regular readers, or they may be someone who has chanced on the site, read one article, and never returned.

Either way, the direction of travel has veered upwards, and as we enter 2022, we hope it will continue in that direction. There is no reason why it should not.

In the upcoming year it would be satisfying to increase our readership still further. But we’ll have to wait and see about that.

Going from zero in January 2019 to almost 70,000 in January 2022 is progress enough for Inverness news and views for now.

Our thanks go to those who have read and absorbed articles here during the past year, and for comments made and emails of encouragement and support.

We wish a Happy New Year to our growing number of readers, of all political persuasions.




One thought on “Inverness news and views readership more than doubled in 20021, to almost 70,000

  1. If only we had people like you on the council. It seems that most people working in the council have had the common sense taken out of them. We need people who care about the people they are working for and to realise that they are there to give us value for money. Not to spend it on vanity projects to try and make a name for themselves.


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