Mike Russell says 2021 delivered ‘very little’. Just a UK vaccine that might have saved his life

by Colin Campbell

THREE days into 2022 and we’ve already had one of the quotes of the year, a potential finalist in the biased, prejudiced and idiotic category.

It came from SNP leading light, albeit a pretty dim leading light, Mike Russell, when he said: “There will be few who will not heave a sigh of relief that 2021 is ending and make a wish for a better 2022. A year that promised so much after the privations of 2020 has, in the end, delivered very little. It is now 21 months since the start of the first lockdown and we are still in the grip of the pandemic.”

Even given the SNP’s pathological refusal to admit that anything good comes from south of the border or from the UK Government, this displayed an outstanding level of pig-headedness.

Mournful Mike Russell says 2021 delivered “very little”. Except that is, three doses of a vaccine that may have prevented him from ending up on a respirator, or even saved his life.

But I’ve no doubt “the political director of the SNP’s independence unit” hasn’t forgotten about that.

Because the vaccine was secured by the foresight and spending power of the UK Government, he just refuses to acknowledge or remember it.

Don’t you just wish some of these nationalists like Russell who adopt the same attitude had refused point blank to accept three armfuls of the vaccine, instead of probably being near the head of the queue?

But no, they would never dare go that far, because that’s not the cowardly way they’re made.

Denounce Westminster, but please, please give us the jab.

Denounce Westminster, but please, please give us more money.

If they’re not chastising the UK Government for “insulting and ignoring Scotland” they’re virtually on their knees crawling for support and more, more, more.

What a sad, sorry, pathetic bunch they are.

However if mournful Mike is in a less than upbeat mood that’s not altogether surprising, with him being head of the new SNP “independence unit”.

What’s that supposed to deliver? It certainly won’t be independence. It’s a poisoned chalice role if ever there was one.

No vaccine Russell with Sturgeon the despotic dictator.

In terms of his job, the SNP/nationalists insisted they were cheered by a recent poll that showed 55 per cent support for breaking up the UK, after a long series of polls which showed majority support for remaining united.

But just one pro indy poll? Twelve months ago they were gripped by euphoria over a series of polls showing majority backing for independence, topping out at one with 58 per cent support.

This resulted in them claiming that the May elections would be the most important in Scotland’s history. Last January there was rampant SNP optimism that they would win virtually every seat in the country, would sweep the boards and would sweep away all possible opposition to another referendum. There was talk of that being held in the autumn, pandemic or no pandemic. A year ago some seriously thought that by now we’d be “free”.

Then came the actual election and it all came crashing down. Not only did the SNP fail to win their much anticipated “super majority”, they failed to win a majority at all. Now they govern with the support of the Greens, led by weird little Patrick Harvie and a shrill Canadian, who want to see tens of thousands of oil industry workers lose their jobs and an end to all road improvements.

Nicola Sturgeon has said there will be a new “push towards independence” in the spring. Presumably Mr Russell will have to do some of the pushing. As intensely frustrated SNP supporters have been demanding, what have Sturgeon and co been doing for the past seven years?

Sturgeon has said there will a referendum held in 2023. But if that happens, and it seems highly unlikely, it will be an illegal one without the necessary approval from Westminster, and will be boycotted by more than half the population. It would cause acrimony, but essentially the SNP would end up a laughing stock.

So in his New Year message at the end of 2021 their national embarrassment Ian Blackford presented yet another furious tirade against Boris Johnson, listing all his faults. That’s all he and the SNP have got, launching attack after monotonous attack on the “evil Tories”.

What they don’t have is an economic plan specifying what currency an independent Scotland would use, and precise answers on mortgages, pensions, a hard border with England, how an independent Scotland would compensate for the loss of the £2,000 per head extra we get in public spending compared with people in England, and so much else besides.

The majority of people will NEVER vote for independence because of the “evil Tories” or even “useless Labour”. They will want to know what they are voting FOR. But the SNP don’t seem to grasp that, or more likely, they just don’t have the answers.

But there’s no rush because another referendum looks years away. Respected nationalist MP Joanna Cherry said last week that long term supporters and activists in the new look SNP Transgender Transphobia Party are giving up and packing it in because of the “lies, vitriol and poison” running through the SNP.

Mournful Mike Russell may have refused to acknowledge the impact of the lifesaving vaccine in 2021.

But as head of the new “SNP independence unit” he must feel the need of a shot in the arm of something to give him the enthusiasm to try and make some kind of effort to get on with his job, whatever it may be. A dose of meth amphetamine might work. But Westminster wouldn’t be supplying that. He’d have to find some of his own.

One thought on “Mike Russell says 2021 delivered ‘very little’. Just a UK vaccine that might have saved his life

  1. Mike (lavy brush head ) Russell is right another year of the SNP government in Scotland and we have achieved nothing constructive from these poisonist communist apart from them trying to spread their hatred of our UK government and their constant dislike of the English nothing else ,not worried about the elderly in care homes as they do not vote SNP ,just as Angus Robertson said they are no use to him as voters and wee Mrs Krankie Sturgeon agreed with him , That is the type of people running Scotland for us
    I would like to know what if anything constructive have they achieved for us by running our country ,nothing as far as I can see except quote cut backs from Westminster ,cost of carriage to Scotland ,and Drewthy Hendrys favourite one how poor we are in Scotland for all his social pals
    Well he is not very poor with his freebies to Gibraltar and of course his fancy car along with his 4×4 pal from Skye Humpty Dumpty
    Just what does it cost the country to have these people represent us they are an embarrassment to Scotland and the sooner we all realise this the better .
    One final point can I just say if they are not happy in our country ,can I suggest they go and try their poison thoughts in Russia or China and see how they get on , not much TV grandstanding for wee Krankie Sturgeon there no wonder she is called the dodgy dictator
    PS no word of Peter muddell is he off to Portugal with the magpies again?


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