Nats’ poster boy hits ‘SNP fascists’ with an uppercut they didn’t see coming

by Colin Campbell

WHEN Josh Taylor, the world light welterweight champion, didn’t make the cut in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards nominations, some nationalists were “outraged” by it, citing it as yet another example of anti-Scottish bias.

There is literally nothing our own world champion grievance mongers can leave alone.

I admit I’m not too familiar with the pugilistic skills of Josh Taylor. Ken Buchanan and Jim Watt were the last Scottish boxers I was a TV ringside fan of. But the boy obviously done good.

The foaming nats were so infuriated by Taylor being left out, even though he probably wasn’t on their radar any more than he was on mine, that they insisted it was time we ditched the time honoured UK SPOTY and substituted it with a Scottish Sports Personality of the Year Award.

So no Emma Raducanu, but a boxer, a football player, a rugby player, and someone from the Scots curling team.

What a glittering night of television sport that would make.

But yesterday their poster boy surprised them in a way they definitely didn’t expect.

After all that fake adulation from the nats, he stated that the SNP were intent on creating “a fascist state”.

That was one uppercut they didn’t see coming.

Their “hero Scot” turned instantly into an ignorant traitor.

On social media, Taylor was denounced as some kind of mental defective who had suffered too many blows to the head.

Quite what prompted him to condemn the SNP with his fascist state comments we do not know.

Maybe he fears that in an independent Scotland boxing would be banned.

After all, the SNP have piled up such a list of “hate crimes” now that it’s difficulty to see how boxing could escape inclusion.

Two men throwing punches at each other? What could be more hateful than that?

The tirade of abuse directed at Taylor from his former fake devotees probably won’t bother him in the slightest. After this episode I’ll certainly be taking a more supportive interest in his career. Well done Josh Taylor and let’s hope you go on to even greater glories.

But one thing we can say with certainty about those nationalist cretins who yesterday showered him with abuse.

Not one of them would dare say it to his face.


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