Podcast King offers up a host of reasons why people should recoil from independence

by Colin Campbell

I’VE referred several times to a series of podcasts produced by Inverness MP Drew Hendry in which he talks to other independence supporters about the bountiful advantages of “freedom”.

That may seem an odd thing to do – publicising the views of an SNP wrecker who, ostensibly at least, wants to drag Scotland into further division, conflict, and potentially chaos and ruination.

But there is one good reason why it would be advantageous to see an increase in the paltry number of people who spend time listening to Hendry podding on.

The content is so consistently inane, shallow, self serving and delusional that it provides an audio insight on why no one who’s not a committed fanatic should not dismiss the fantasies of Hendry and co out of hand. Far from increasing support for independence they’d make the average person run a mile.

This week the puerile podcaster decided that his efforts deserved a special presentation.

On his Twitter site he proudly announced: “NEW EPISODE! 2022 will be a *huge* year for the independence movement, so our first couple of episodes will be some of the best bits of previous Scotland Choice conversations.”

In the unlikely event that you find this invitation absolutely irresistible, you don’t need to spend time listening for “the best bits”. I’ve already borne that task with due fortitude and there are three that stand out.

Firstly, the glorified ex-councillor declaring on one of his podcasts: “I’m no economist.”

Full marks I suppose for candour. And no he’s not. He’s an SNP chancer with a brass neck and a typically big mouth who made a fool of himself when he went on radio to “challenge” a  detailed report by academics from the London School of Economics on the cost of independence, which found per head we’d be £2,000 poorer from the outset, at an absolute minimum. On that particular broadcast the bold Drew “I’m no economist” Hendry showed he can at times almost match his ranting crony across the Kessock Bridge when it comes to ill informed, half baked bluster.

Hendry’s also the SNP’S joke “Shadow Trade Minister” at Westminster. God alone knows how he got that job, with the most likely reason being he was considered the best choice for it, which says all we need to know about the talent pool of money grubbing SNP freeloaders down there happily raking in vast amounts in salaries and expenses as they coast along on the nationalist gravy train.

But a “Trade Minister” who admits he knows next to nothing about economics? If he ever did land that role in the land of milk and honey his foreign counterparts would take him apart like a seafront trader who couldn’t run a whelk stall. But we can relax because it’s not going to happen.

The second “best bit” is when Hendry and another couple of SNP talking heads consider what currency an independent Scotland would use. I did listen quite closely to that. Surely some kind of clue would emerge on an issue as important as that.

But none did. The consensus was that it would depend on the economic circumstances AFTER independence. In other words, “Trust us, we’ll sort it out then, now let’s move on”.

And Hendry and co really do seem to think that the majority of people would be content to vote for independence and risk everything, mortgages, pensions, savings, with a massive leap into the dark, direction unknown. Describing that as delusional doesn’t even come close.

And the third best bit from The Drew Hendry Show came only two or three weeks ago when Ian Blackford squeezed into the podcast studio. This may have been the best/worst of the lot.

Post independence, Hendry asked the “simple 10 acres crofter”, what would happen that would bring about a difference regarding payment of the state pension.

“Absolutely nothing,” Blackford replied immediately. And he went on to assert the “commitment” and “obligation” to pay pensions to residents of an independent Scotland would rest with the UK Government.

And he continued: “It’s no different to UK citizens who choose to live in Canada or Spain or France or anywhere else.”

Even for a nationalist buffoon, this was an example of plumbing the depths of brazen falsehood. The situation would be different. Very different indeed.

UK citizens who choose to live in Canada or Spain or France “or anywhere else” are UK citizens. That is why the UK continues to pay their pensions. Residents of an independent Scotland would not be UK citizens. That’s what independence is all about, unless the SNP has undergone an acrobatic change in policy in which they want everyone to remain as UK citizens after Scottish independence.

Except they haven’t.

So for Blackford to claim that the situation would be “no different” was for that reason alone untrue.

Negotiations over pensions and the myriad complexities of how they should be paid would take place and some kind of agreement would in the end be reached. How that would work out no one knows. The rest of the UK, sick of dealing with the endless provocations of nationalist bigots, whingers and English haters could very well take a very, very hard line indeed. Pensioners and those within striking distance of pension age would have everything to fear.

And it’s all there on The Drew Hendry Show.

So these were the best bits that I came across in the podcasts I listened to. The others will no doubt be peppered with more of the same.

And we won’t even go into his claim that “2022 will be a massive year for independence”. Other than to say his boss looks like she’s virtually given up on it, the SNP Transgender Transphobia Party are fighting like ferrets in a sack, there is zero way forward for a legal referendum, support for independence in the polls is falling, and Sturgeon if she gets desperate will no doubt be looking for new variants as an excuse for advancing the cause not one inch.

And of course, there are council elections in May. I wonder if Drew Hendry the Podcast King ever thinks about the days when he was circling around looking for a space in the Glenurquhart Road car park, and that after he’s done podding on he thinks he might end up back there.

One thought on “Podcast King offers up a host of reasons why people should recoil from independence

  1. Saw a for lease sign outside Druth Hendrys office when I arrived in Inverness yesterday not sure if it’s him or next door going ,maybe he is going up to Fergus freeby Ewing’s abandoned office in church st that’s the one with the seagull shit on the window can I suggest Fergus freeby gets on the Barbour jacket and wellies again and cleans it
    PS any word yet of the free computers and bicycles promised to the kids by Mrs Krankie Sturgeon ?


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