Johnson may be forced out but Scotland’s national embarrassment is here to stay

by Colin Campbell

BORIS Johnson may or may not be be forced to quit over the “partygate” hullabaloo.

But one thing is certain. Scotland’s very own national embarrassment at Westminster is there to stay.

Yesterday as the PM was at his lowest ebb, Ian Blackford tried a different approach to his normal puce faced blustering at PMQ’s.

The Ross MP and SNP leader at Westminster did not risk the TV distraction of buttons popping off his bulging waistcoat as he tried to adopt a calm, incisive, piercing tone, and called for Johnson either to quit or be forced out by his fellow MP’s.

One hurrah for Boris Johnson on his most dismally apologetic day.

In his best, perhaps his only good utterance, he said he took the political advice, coming from the SNP,  “with a pinch of salt”.

Even with his head hanging low, he still managed to convey the contempt he feels for the nationalist hypocrites, charlatans and chancers at Westminster, the money grubbing horde with their snouts buried deep in the trough.

With corruption endemic in Westminster, according to the SNP, wasn’t this a prime moment for Blackford and co to engineer another mass walkout? And to stay out?

How can they stand the “stench” any longer?

The answer to that lies in the huge salaries and vast expenses they rake in from a system they claim to loathe.

It’s one thing for them railing against Boris Johnson. That’s the easy part. It’s another thing entirely for them putting lavish amounts of money at risk.

Ian Blackford…an endless national embarrassment.

Blackford himself has topped out at £250,000 in expenses in one year alone from the place he professes to despise.

That’s 10 times the average salary north of the border, and 20 times the income of low paid workers he claims so ardently to empathise with. And that’s just his expenses claims alone.

The “simple 10 acres Skye crofter” bought his wife a luxury Range Rover, a purchase he flaunted in a widely circulated photograph. That was so brazen as to suggest there are more brains in one of his photo opportunity sheep.

Here was a man who sneeringly endorsed a doctored border sign which told English people to f*** off when the crippled Highland tourist industry was trying to get back on its feet and was desperately in need of an influx of visitors to survive.

And who tried to publicly embarrass a photographer who posted a nice shot of the Highlands because he was English. Blackford thought he was breaking rules by being here and seized on the opportunity, only to find the man lived here, and had to issue a grovelling apology.

Many within the SNP have little time for him.

They at least recognise the liability to their cause that he is.

If some find it a mystery why Tories want to cling on to Boris Johnson, it’s even more of a mystery why Sturgeon clings on to Ian Blackford. Has he got some mysterious hold over her?

Normally jeered and mocked, yesterday as he stood at the head of his money grubbing SNP rabble he was spared the ridicule he so richly deserves.

But very soon things will be back to normal.

Boris Johnson’s acute embarrassment precipitated by the partygate fiasco could lead to his downfall.

But it seems a certainty that Scotland’s acute national embarrassment, Ian Blackford, is here to stay.

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