Salmond wants to exploit Tory turmoil for independence NOW. Nats know all about exploitation

by Colin Campbell

ALEX Salmond, founder of the ultra extremist Alba Party, says the problems surrounding Boris Johnson should be “exploited” to strike out for independence.

This tainted old relic may be at daggers drawn with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, seeing them as not being extremist enough, but they all know plenty about exploitation.

There are 18th century slave traders with cleaner records.

They try and exploit know nothing schoolkids, 16-year-olds with no experience of life, into backing independence through song, dance and face paint.

They exploit the lowest paid and poorest in society by trying to convince them they have nothing to lose by supporting independence. But they have plenty to lose. If Scotland ever does become independent they’ll be the first to be hit and plunged into even deeper poverty. Forget all the free stuff funded by the extra £2,000 per head we get in public spending compared with people in England. When the money runs out it won’t be Salmond and Sturgeon and others cashing in lavishly on “the independence industry” who will suffer.

They exploit a large number of gullible people who take only a superficial view of independence and what it will mean for them. A survey by the “These Islands” organisation during the pandemic found that many Scots believed furlough money was being paid directly by the Scottish Government. Those sort of gullible folk.

And they exploit EU migrants, and have done, cruelly, since Brexit, by deliberately stoking up their fears about being forced to leave the UK, even though they’ve been settled here for years, in a bid to convince them that a vote for the SNP is the only way to guarantee “safety”.

We won’t dwell on the irony of Alex Salmond taking the moral high ground on the issue of “scandal”.

I don’t give a fig what happens to Boris Johnson, whether he stays or goes, although nothing he’s done exactly constitutes the crime of the century.

But he is implacable in his opposition to another hugely divisive and damaging independence referendum, and for many of us that is the characteristic that matters most. As long as he remains in office, Sturgeon has zero chance of getting the section 30 permission she needs for a legal rerun of 2014.

When the pressure on her becomes unbearable with the baying nationalist mob in outright revolt, and she has to request permission again, all that matters to many, the majority, north of the border, is that she gets the same response.

If Johnson is still in office, that’s what’ll happen. If not, his successor will be expected to react in exactly the same way. No invitations to Downing Street for conciliatory “talks”, no cosy chats over the best way forward. Nationalists don’t know the meaning of the word “conciliation”. They just take it as weakness.

Sturgeon’s many fans in the media dutifully take the line that referendum refusal stokes up support for independence. There’s no indication there’s a shred of truth in this. Nationalists go into a grievance laden lather, those who oppose the break up of the UK are delighted, and “undecideds” either don’t know what to think or don’t care.

Without Westminster approval, Sturgeon, Salmond, the SNP and Alba have no credible way forward. They may be “scunnered”. They’re also scuppered.

Johnson is claimed to be the best recruiting weapon for independence around. But the majority of people will never, ever vote for independence because of the shortcomings of any Prime Minister, especially one who could vanish like a puff of smoke. People want to know what they are voting FOR.

And more than seven years on from 2014, the SNP can’t even tell us what currency an independent Scotland would use.

No wonder sleazy old Salmond is getting hyper frustrated by it all and bandies around talk of exploitation. His wrath is directed at his grievance mongering successor who seems to have a permanent scowl implanted on her face these days.

What an unlovely pair they make, hating each other as they do.

Even in his darkest moments, poor old Boris looks a cheerful oil painting compared to either of them.

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