They’re back on the march again, stoked up by those cashing in to the full, with no end in sight

by Colin Campbell

THE Yes/Leave footsoldiers are back on the march again.

An “Emergency March” will be held in Glasgow on Saturday to denounce “partygate” and demand independence NOW!

But the organisers are determinedly playing down the number of people they expect to take part. A turnout of 5,000 they say would be “fantastic” in the time of covid.

But “in the time of covid” there will be 50,000 heading to watch a Glasgow football match.

When even the most zealous of the independence zealots are flailing around in advance trying to offer reasons why so few are expected to turn up, you know the independence movement is struggling badly.

Emergency March? In need of emergency resuscitation more like.

And no wonder, amid the SNP transgender and other feuding and infighting, they haven’t a clue what to do next.

They will not get a section 30 order enabling a legal referendum from Boris Johnson or anyone else.

This leaves them marching into a brick wall.

And what have the self-styled nationalist “big brains” got to offer.

Surely the most prominent advocates of independence who make a living off it are able to come up with some remotely credible offerings on the best way forward.

Here are two I came across in the past week.

You’d need a glass eye not to shed a tear for both of them.

One was Gordon Macintyre Kemp of “Business for Independence”, in a long, meandering “The time is now!” article.

His rallying cry fizzled out into a baseless, senseless mood of false optimism: “A Section 30 referendum in September 2023 is not only the most likely outcome. It is the path most likely to deliver. So it is time for us to put our frustration behind us, to stop complaining and start campaigning.”

Macintyre Kemp’s flimsy organisation, involved in the supposed distribution along with the SNP and the National of a million copies of an eight page pro indy sheet that no one I know both north and south ever set eyes on, did not provide a single word of explanation to back up his view that “a Section 30 referendum in September 2023 is the most likely outcome”.

Why should that be the case? Why should Westminster permission be granted at that time, particularly when, according to the independence “businessman” it somehow would be the time when a referendum is most likely to deliver independence?

None of that makes any sense whatever.

And the other was former SNP MP George Kerewan, another self-styled “big thinker”, and now of the extremist Alba Party run by sleazy old has been Alex Salmond, trying to invoke the same spirit.

He wrote: “Holyrood must set an emergency budget (now). This should include a massive increase in local authority funding and public sector wages set above inflation.

“If the budget is vetoed by Johnson or Sunak the SNP Green coalition should resign and precipitate an emergency Holyrood election. A majority victory in that election would be a mandate for independence negotiations. Any alternative strategy hands the initiative to our enemies.”

And who are these “enemies”?  Presumably more than half the population of Scotland who would regard these cuckoo cloud proposals as beyond nonsensical. So far beyond it that they are exasperating because of their blinkered stupidity rather than alarming because of any threat they present to the Union.

But these are the oddball pro-independence notions in circulation. It’s all they’ve got. They having nothing else.

You could scour every nationalist website in existence and you would find no ideas on how to advance the cause for independence that make any more sense than the ones above.

Meanwhile at the May election we had Alex Salmond and Alba standing on a “we must take to the streets and gain independence by force” agenda. And gaining one per cent of the total vote.

We have blustering Ian Blackford being mocked and laughed at by Boris Johnson yesterday. It was good to see the Prime Minister continuing in his normal attitude to Blackford even as he works his way through the current partygate hullabaloo.

And we have Sturgeon leading the SNP Transgender Transphobia Party but having no plans in preparation for a referendum next year, with very many in her own party seriously doubting her commitment to the cause.

All we do have is a likely dribble of “emergency marchers” in Glasgow on Saturday.

No marches are planned for Inverness, although the local SNP branch has the enormous good fortune to have persuaded the truly charismatic president of the SNP Mike Russell to travel north later this month to tell them a referendum will definitely be held next year and they should start preparing NOW!

Having been told of the certainty of an impending referendum every year since 2017, these folk will likely leave their meeting re-energised by Russell’s dull monotone voice and launch the process of setting up a Saturday morning High Street leafletting stall.

The downside to all this is that Kemp, Kerewan, Russell and the rest involved in the moneymaking independence industry will keep stoking up the faithful and creating tension and division in Scotland for as long as it suits them. And that could be for a very long time indeed.

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