Boris enraging Blackford is pure Comedy Gold

by Colin Campbell

BORIS Johnson doesn’t have his problems to seek, although all the partygate “outrage” seems to be subsiding and it’s likely he’ll be around for quite a while yet.

At the start of it an ex-neighbour of mine who professes to taking no interest in politics at all slightly surprised me by launching into a tirade of condemnation when we were chatting after bumping into each other.

Last Thursday a pal at Inverness Leisure who is also non political, other than hating the SNP, screwed up his face when I mentioned it and said: “It was wrong but I’m fed up still hearing about it on the news morning, noon and night. It’s been overdone.”

I suspect that’s how the majority of people now feel.

But the moment of the week for Johnson was the way he riled Ian Blackford at PMQ’s to incandescent heights of bluster bordering on outright rage.

 Ian Blackford… contempt.

At one point his jowls wobbled so much I feared they might fall off, so furious did he become.

He tried to link partygate to the number of covid deaths.

Normally this would require respectful attention.

But this was Ian Blackford, “simple 10 acres crofter” and money grubbing political hypocrite who rakes in a quarter of a million pounds in expenses alone from a Westminster system he claims to loathe.

If anyone can take the side of Blackford against anyone who’s not locked up in Dartmoor there’s something wrong with them.

As he ranted on Boris chatted to colleagues and ostentatiously looked at his watch.

Blackford’s puce faced rage was not caused by either covid deaths or partygate.

It was caused by him being made a fool of. This happens every Wednesday but it was particularly evident last Wednesday.

He is unfailingly mocked and jeered by Tory MPs every time he gets to his feet but the PM’s demeanour on this occasion was a blend of indifference and contempt.

Whatever else may be said for or against Boris Johnston he knows how rile Ian Blackford.

This is important to very many people in Scotland who regard him as a national embarrassment and are appalled that some people in England believe, as he regularly claims, that he speaks for us all.

For as long as he’s around, I hope Boris Johnson continues to enrage Blackford. It would probably be against House of Commons rules to play Nintendo while he was speaking.

But the spectacle of this character being snubbed and humiliated shouldn’t be confined to the BBC Politics programme.

It’s pure Comedy Gold channel.

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