How in God’s name did Blackford become the ‘cruelly treated victim’?

by Colin Campbell

I’M still trying to work out how Ian Blackford ended up last week being portrayed as the poor victim who was cruelly treated by a remark directed at him that he maybe eats too much cake.

And I still can’t even begin to get my head round it.

As most people will now know, the remark came from Boris Johnson at Prime Minister’s Questions in response to another tirade from the blustering bellower about “partygate”.

It was uttered by Johnson in jokey but effective fashion.

It succeeded in cutting the legs from under the prime SNP windbag and knocked him off balance.

And anything that knocks Blackford off balance or better still bowls him over completely is greatly welcomed by a huge number of people north of the border.

But that wasn’t how it was reflected in media coverage, with a couple of exceptions, right across the range.

The poor man had been subjected to a “cruel” remark from the PM implying he was overweight. How could Johnson have been so horrid and nasty to poor Ian? It was despicable!

For the love of God, I thought when I absorbed this press and broadcast coverage, this is Ian Blackford we’re talking about.

How could he be portrayed as the “victim” – for less the “cruelly treated victim” –  of anything.

He hasn’t an ounce of political integrity in his entire, corpulent body.

I wouldn’t trust him to tell me if it was day or night.

The claim that it was downright “cruel” for the PM to suggest he could do with a few sessions at Weightwatchers beggared belief.

But that’s the impression that we were supposed to be left with.

The other impression I was left was that the pathetically supine print and broadcast media in Scotland aren’t just in the SNP’s pocket, the SNP have now swallowed them up and eaten them whole.

Boris Johnson has been depicted as one of the worst men who ever lived, because he went out for a chat with a few staff in a garden, and because a birthday cake was delivered to him by his staff. It’s not necessary for papers to announce that they are backing the SNP. By constantly berating Johnson and the “evil Tories” they’re doing their work for them.

Nicola Sturgeon is not subjected to a fraction of the scrutiny the PM has been hit by.

“Poor Ian” Blackford brazenly presents himself as a “simple 10 acres crofter” when he claims up to a quarter of a million pounds in expenses from a Westminster system he claims to loathe. He gleefully endorses border signs telling English people to “**** off”. He tells falsehoods about pension payments post independence. And we could go on and on presenting reasons why the majority of people consider him a national embarrassment as leader of the SNP snouts in the trough brigade at Westminster.

And is he ever called on to apologise or retract? Or does he ever just consider it the right thing to do? No, the SNP leader at Westminster is utterly shameless.

Like his ranting deputy at Westminster, Kirsten Oswald, who hysterically claimed her wonderful leader had been the cruel victim of “body shaming” by the PM and that young people across the land would be emotionally affected by it.

Blackford and Oswald and all too many of their SNP cohorts of all shapes and sizes down there have one thing in common. Bloated salaries and bulging expense accounts. They are utterly shameless when it comes to raking in the money.

Yet despite all this it is Ian Blackford who emerges as the “cruelly treated victim” according to much of the media. As I say, it’s beyond belief.

The record number of “spin doctors” – around 50 or so – employed by the SNP Government must have been whooping in triumph over this utter perversion of reality.

If they can manipulate the Scottish media into the ventriloquist dummy role of squeaking “poor Ian, poor Ian” they can pretty much get away with anything.

And all jokes about cake or anything else aside, as the SNP propaganda machine gets into full swing in the drive for another referendum and independence, that really is something to be concerned about.

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