EXPOSING SNP LIES: Our reports on pension claims reach a wider audience

by Colin Campbell

IN a week when yet again SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford became the centre of attention afer he was kicked out of the House of Commons after calling Boris Johnson a liar, in a breach of the parliamentary code of conduct, there was an obvious point to make.

It takes one to know one.

The Ross MP is a national embarrassment to Scotland and couldn’t be trusted to tell you the day of the week if it would play to his advantage.

On December 17, after experiencing the onerous task of listening to one of Inverness MP Drew Hendry’s “podcasts”, we singled out one particularly blatant, shameless and stand out falsehood from Blackford, who had been his “guest”.

As we reported:

Post independence, Hendry asked the ‘simple 10 acres crofter’, what would happen that would bring about a difference regarding payment of the state pension.

“Absolutely nothing,” Blackford replied immediately. And he went on to assert the “commitment” and “obligation” to pay pensions to residents of an independent Scotland would rest with the UK Government.

And he continued: “That’s no different to a UK citizen that chooses for example to live in Canada or Spain or France or anywhere else. That’s an obligation of the UK Government.”

Even for a nationalist charlatan like this odious buffoon, this was an example of plumbing the depths of brazen falsehood. The situation would be different. Very different indeed.

UK citizens who choose to live in Canada or Spain or France “or anywhere else” are UK citizens. That is why the UK continues to pay their pensions. Residents of an independent Scotland would not be UK citizens. That’s what independence is all about, unless the SNP has undergone an acrobatic change in policy in which they want everyone to remain as UK citizens after Scottish independence.

Except they haven’t. So for Blackford to claim that the situation would be “no different” is for that reason alone simply untrue.

On January 24 we reported on Hendry’s podcast with SNP Government Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and what she thought of Blackford’s claims about pensions.

“She said she ‘would not dare’ disagree with Ian Blackford. So she agreed with him.”

We do not know how many people listen to Drew Hendry’s podcasts on his Twitter site. Not very many, two or three hundred at most we would guess. They hardly have box office appeal.

But we sometimes listen to them and report on just some of the fantasy, delusion and half truths they contain. And when Ian Blackford made these obviously false claims about pensions – so crucial to so many people – and they were backed up by the Scottish Government Finance Secretary…well, we thought, is no one else paying any attention to these kind of claims?

They weren’t reported on anywhere else apart from here.

Can the likes of Blackford and Forbes say literally anything without it being picked up and exposed for what it is?

It can be frustrating.

So we were gratified to see that the most read item on the Daily Express website on Tuesday night was in essence a mirror image of what we had reported, from as far back as December.

The Express headlined its article: Station pension outrage: SNP’s Blackford claims UK will pay for Scots under independence

THE SNP’s Ian Blackford has sparked fury after he said Britain will pay for Scottish people’s state pensions even if Scotland is ripped from the UK.

 The SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford said the commitment to pay out to pensioners “rests with the UK Government” – even after Scottish independence.

When asked what would happen to state pensions if Scotland left the UK during an interview with SNP MP Drew Hendry on his “Scotland’s Choice” podcast, he said: “Absolutely nothing”.

“That commitment to continue to pay pensions rests with the UK Government.

“That’s no different to a UK citizen who chooses for example to live in, Canada, Spain or France, or anywhere else.

“That commitment to receive your pension remains in place. That’s an obligation of the UK Government.”

SNP Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said she agreed with Mr Blackford.

Speaking in January, she said: “I wouldn’t dare disagree with Ian Blackford, the expert on all things pensions. So I would agree with him.”

How the Express came upon this important story, which was only reported here, we do not yet know. But we’d strongly guess it wasn’t from happening to listen to a Drew Hendry podcast from last December.

We’re glad this has now been circulated to a wider audience. It certainly deserves to be. We know the SNP almost makes Boris Johnson look like a choirboy when it comes to twisting the truth and trying to con people into supporting independence.

And when it comes to highlighting the shamelessly false claims of the leaders of the SNP, we are glad to be helping make a difference.

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