After igniting pensions crisis, what disaster awaits the Podcast King next?

by Colin Campbell

WITH just two episodes of his podcasts the Inverness Podcast King has ignited the biggest SNP crisis in years, over who’d pay our pensions after independence.

And now Drew Hendry is excitedly announcing that his next star guest will be Pete Wishart, “the SNP’s longest serving MP”.

The SNP’s longest serving MP. That’s a coup. Lucky to get him on a podcast.

Drew Hendry doesn’t do irony.

Isn’t admiration for a politician being the “longest serving SNP MP” somewhat misplaced? Isn’t it the case that SNP politicians become Westminster MP’S with the express intention of being there for as short a time as possible? And that their prime goal is to get out of there as Scotland breaks free from Westminster and becomes independent? Isn’t that what being an SNP MP is supposed to be all about?

That’s what I’ve always thought. And I would strongly guess that’s what most of the people who voted for them think also.

So Pete Wishart’s role as the “SNP’S longest serving MP” would be nothing to be proud of, or for Drew Hendry or any other nationalist to admire or enthuse over.

The very opposite in fact. It means he’s been riding the SNP gravy train at Westminster longer than any of the others, raking in a fortune in salary and expenses from a place and a system they all claim to loathe. Without producing what he’s been elected on and promised all along, independence.

Podcast King Drew Hendry.

But Hendry’s apparent acclaim for Wishart’s length of time at Westminster doesn’t surprise me.

That seems to be what most of the SNP’S Westminster brigade are doing, riding the gravy train, raking in the money and when required pulling the odd stunt (like Hendry trying to steal the mace) and making the right noises about their absolute lust for independence.

Drew Hendry has claimed he feels imprisoned at Westminster. But at each election he seems utterly desperate to get back. He’s an ex-councillor. Not that long ago he was circling the car park at Glenurquhart Road looking for a parking space.

Now he’s mixing it with all the perks and privileges and lucrative lifestyle of Westminster, such as highly refreshing freebies to sun-kissed Gibraltar.

That’s the way it is for all of them down there. Not so long ago Ian Blackford was a gnarled, wiry crofter trying to eke a living out of a mere 10 acres of land on Skye, working from before dawn till well after dusk trying to make ends meet with a few sheep, a few rows of tatties and a couple of summer haystacks.

Now he not only gets a massive Westminster salary but a quarter of a million pounds in expenses.

Does Hendry really want to go back to being a humble councillor? Does Blackford really want to resume the backbreaking life of a simple 10 acres crofter? Does Kate Forbes really want to go back to being a trainee accountant?

Well, believe that if you will. I don’t.

If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d be arguing that the three of them got together before they went on air and tried to work out the best way to blow all hopes of independence to hell in a handcart. And one of the trio came up with the idea: “I know, let’s get the message out that we haven’t a clue who’ll pay Scots their pensions!”

Hendry, Blackford and Forbes have done us all a massive favour, a service to the nation no less, by revealing the true scale of SNP confusion, chaos, incompetence and recklessness as they prepare to launch a new campaign for independence without even being able to tell Scots who would pay their pensions after independence.

Of course some diehard nats are already reduced to peddling the “Project Fear” mantra. That won’t wash anymore.

For many Scots their credibility is already on very shaky foundations. For many others it is in ruins. And they haven’t even started trying to provide answers on what currency would be used post independence, and on so many other issues besides.

Rising above all this, Drew Hendry jauntily introduces his next proud podcast with the longest reclining passenger on the lucrative and endless SNP Westminster gravy train.

Full marks to the Inverness MP for being able to blank out reality.


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