Congratulations to Kate Forbes, set to leave the crazy gang for an indeterminate period

by Colin Campbell

KATE Forbes yesterday announced her pregnancy and said she would soon be taking maternity leave, leaving behind her role as SNP Government Finance Secretary.

This comes at a high tempo time, just after revelations of her involvement in the ongoing SNP pensions fiasco, in which she insisted that post independence the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland would continue indefinitely to pay billions to fund the pensions of citizens of a foreign country, namely Scotland.

We hesitate to be unpleasant at a happy time for Mrs Forbes, but this was an outright lie, and cannot be described in any other way.

The furore over this has not died down to any extent. (It was reported on and revealed here first. An online link to our original articles on the false claims made by Ian Blackford and Kate Forbes on Drew Hendry podcasts, which resulted in it becoming an incendiary national issue, appeared in the Scotsman on Saturday).

The comments sections in all the Scottish media still contain hundreds of contributions about it. The SNP/nationalists are wholly on the defensive, dragging out the “Project Fear” mantra again.

But this pathetic nonsense is overwhelmed by wholly legitimate concerns from people – and certainly not only Unionists – who are wholly dissatisfied with the ifs, buts and maybes presented by the SNP which reveals their clueless ignorance over pension payments if we ever reach the land of milk and honey, where there’s not liable to be much of either if you’re over 65. Or anywhere near that age.

The announcement of Mrs Forbes pregnancy (which is just like any other pregnancy, except for the fact that the former trainee accountant is in charge of Scotland’s money) might have seen a respite in the bitterness of the debate over independence.

But not a bit of it.

Online comments were directed at her which were inappropriate, bordering on downright nasty. Nothing like them would appear here. There’s a time and a place for that kind of stuff, and this was neither the time nor the place.

But the reality is that feelings are running so high among many people that emotions will not be eased or mollified by the announcement of any “happy event”.

That may be unfortunate but it’s understandable. If Sturgeon and her cohorts wish to provoke endless conflict and division in Scotland with their “any price is worth paying for independence” obsession it’ll take more than the announcement from one of her top team that a child is on the way to ease the anxiety, tension, anger and fury among many people.

And there is no serious word of a referendum on the horizon as yet. If she’s reckless enough to try and press ahead with her illegal referendum plan people will be having kittens, never mind babies.

So Kate Forbes will soon take her leave of this very ugly scenario, which she has played her role in creating it has to be said, for an indeterminate period of time.

Who knows, she may enjoy her new family life so much, like many women do, that she will decide not to return to the bitter national maelstrom she will leave behind.

In truth, despite being out of her depth in her government job, she’s been by some considerable margin the best of a pretty rotten, lying, deceiving, untrustworthy bunch.


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