Sturgeon backtracks on pensions and says they’ll be ‘for negotiation’. We said that on December 17. Her credibility is in ruins

by Colin Campbell

NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday backtracked on claims she made last Thursday that post independence the pensions of people in Scotland WILL be paid by the rest of the UK.

She changed her stance to say that pension payments would be “a matter of negotiation at the point of independence”.

In doing so she abandoned her support for SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford and SNP Government Finance Secretary Kate Forbes who have claimed that the obligation to pay pensions to Scots would remain with the citizens of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

All this began just a week ago.

Now, over something as crucially important as who’d pay our pensions, we have Sturgeon openly disagreeing with her two top lieutenants.

This is what we wrote in our article last December 17 which gave rise to a week of intense debate on the issue. It was picked up and forwarded along with another of our articles on January 24 involving Kate Forbes to the Daily Express, which last Tuesday featured it at the top of its website. And the issue then exploded across the print and broadcast media.

From Inverness news and views on December 17:


INVERNESS MP Drew Hendry had Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford on one of his usual garbage spewing podcasts this week. The only thing that separates this pair of SNP chancers is the width of the Kessock Bridge.

Hendry’s offering this time was on the subject of pensions, an independence issue which should send a shiver up the spine of current state pensioners, and anyone over 50, at a minimum. It was the usual outpouring of fantasy, wishful thinking and drivel.

But one part of it did catch my attention.

Post independence, Hendry asked the “simple 10 acres crofter”, what would happen that would bring about a difference regarding payment of the state pension.

“Absolutely nothing,” Blackford replied immediately. And he went on to assert the “commitment” and “obligation” to pay pensions to residents of an independent Scotland would rest with the UK Government.

And he continued: “It’s no different to UK citizens who choose to live in Canada or Spain or France or anywhere else.”

Even for a nationalist charlatan like this odious buffoon, this was an example of plumbing the depths of brazen falsehood.

The situation would be different. Very different indeed.

UK citizens who choose to live in Canada or Spain or France “or anywhere else” are UK citizens. That is why the UK continues to pay their pensions.

Residents of an independent Scotland would not be UK citizens. That’s what independence is all about, unless the SNP has undergone an acrobatic change in policy in which they want everyone to remain as UK citizens after Scottish independence.

Except they haven’t.

So for Blackford to claim that the situation would be “no different” is for that reason alone simply untrue.

Negotiations over pensions and the myriad complexities of how they should be paid would take place and some kind of agreement would in the end be reached. How that would work out no one knows. The rest of the UK, sick of dealing with the endless provocations of nationalist bigots, whingers and English haters could very well take a very, very hard line indeed.

Pensioners and those within striking distance of pension age would have everything to fear.


So now we have Nicola Sturgeon agreeing with what we said on December 17, that pension payments would indeed involve “negotiations”.

It took no great foresight to make that prediction.

One that just a few days ago Sturgeon was flatly denying, when she agreed with the views of Blackford and Forbes.

Claims, counter-claims, denial, confusion. Shambolic chaos.

At the very top of the SNP over something as critical to hundreds of thousands of people as to who would pay our pensions.

Seven days after our reports sparked an SNP crisis, that’s what we are left with.

Sturgeon, Blackford, Forbes, Hendry and the rest of them are now trying to put their pensions nightmare behind them and turn the focus back on the “evil Tories”.

But there is zero chance that this episode will be forgotten.

And how right we were to state on December 17 that under Sturgeon and co in their obsession with independence pensioners and those within striking distance of pension age would have everything to fear.

It has taken just a week with the spotlight on only one unanswered question to blow their credibility on an economic plan for life after independence to smithereens.

One thought on “Sturgeon backtracks on pensions and says they’ll be ‘for negotiation’. We said that on December 17. Her credibility is in ruins

  1. We need to get more out there. Who is going to pay to set up a Ministry of Transport. Remember all vehicles over three years old need an MOT certificate. Also who is going to take control of the airport’s and airspace that is all covered by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority. How is Scotland going to pay to set this all up, or is it that due to the green agenda that all Scots will not be allowed to fly anymore. This all needs bringing up, the younger ones will not want to miss out on there foreign holidays.


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