Grievance Girl’s £150 payout. Blackford claims six times that in expenses every day

by Colin Campbell

GRIEVANCE girl Kate Forbes turned into a charity queen yesterday as she announced that some council taxpayers will receive £150 from the SNP Government to help pay their bills.

A hundred and fifty quid? I suppose it’s better than nothing. But not much.

She’s spent the past two years demanding more, more, more from the UK Government as billions were poured across the border for furlough money and other pandemic support.

But when it comes to displaying her own largesse she dispenses a paltry amount of small change that the vast majority of people even on the lowest incomes will hardly even notice.

How far will £150 go for anyone, unless you’re sleeping beneath an underpass and can use it to buy some extra cider.

What do Forbes and the SNP think this will achieve? Buy a few votes in the upcoming May elections?

What it will not do is divert attention from her role in the SNP pensions scandal.

Grievance Girl Kate Forbes.

Forbes, Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford have actually got off very lightly in this wretched affair.

They have been “subjected to criticism” because they want to drag us into independence without knowing who’ll pay our pensions.

People instead should be raging at them. And I’m glad to see some people at least are.

Before launching their “spring offensive” on independence, this trio haven’t even bothered to do their homework on pensions, which it goes without saying are as important to many people as the sun that warms them and the air that they breathe.

We know they don’t know who would pay our pensions after their “any price is worth paying for independence” because they’re in wholesale disagreement with each other about it.

Sturgeon last week said that she agreed with Blackford and Forbes that taxpayers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland would be “obligated” to pay the pensions of a foreign country, ie Scotland.

And then two days ago she disagreed and said it would be “a matter of negotiation at the point of independence”.

But neither Forbes nor Blackford have said they now agree with Sturgeon.

So they haven’t a bloody clue.

Their casual recklessness, which is utterly infuriating to those affected personally, is beneath contempt.

But they don’t care because they won’t have any money troubles in the years ahead. That’s guaranteed.

Forbes announced this week that she’s pregnant. There’ll be no reliance on baby boxes in that particular household.

The favoured few in the lucrative “independence industry” are feathering their nests on the back of it, and there are plenty feathers to go round. No wonder they don’t need to bother about pensions.

A payout of a hundred and fifty quid is for the little people. And shouldn’t we be grateful for these crumbs of comfort.

To put it in context, their prime Westminster fatcat Ian Blackford claimed up to a quarter of a million pounds in one year in expenses.

So he claims six times that £150 payout in expenses alone EVERY WORKING DAY.

And yet he and his other bloated cronies in the SNP expect us to be grateful for it.

And how far would £150 go for the Podcast King, who’s also no slouch in raking it in at Westminster from a system he claims to loathe?

Drew Hendry used to be just the best MP on Twitter we’ve ever had. Now he’s the podcast supremo as well. He’s inordinately proud of these things, in which he chats with his SNP pals.

Fiddling about with knobs and microphones, complete with a jangly musical introduction, may be the absolute highlight of his week. But not all his constituents appreciate his priorities.

If we’d wanted some kind of DJ/radio producer for our MP we’d have elected someone from MFR.

And these are the “just trust us” people who want to lead us into the land of milk and honey.

The Podcast King, the ex-trainee accountant, the simple 10 acres crofter, and the liar to top them all, Nicola Sturgeon.

And never mind if after independence you end up without a pension, or only half of what you expected.

Kate Forbes can be relied on to send you a hundred and fifty quid.

Just crumbs for the little people. Whose interests they aren’t interested in and whose post independence ruination wouldn’t cause them to turn a hair.

2 thoughts on “Grievance Girl’s £150 payout. Blackford claims six times that in expenses every day

  1. Can I suggest Kate Forbes uses some of the £150 per person to smarten up our so called SNP s what an advert for Scotland scruffy dress pony tails on men and women looking like their hair never seen a comb since a week and Humpty Dumpty Blackford with his crumpled shirt the collars look as if he slept in the shirt not sure has he teeth or not I cannot see them with the fat Face and of course the waistcoat buttons ready to pop off at any time ,too much food from the new larder at home or else the burger van in Portree only one dressed although I hate to say it is The Dodgy Dictator herself Krankie Sturgeon mind it’s easy for her remember she had her hair done all the time during the first lockdown and all the time trying to tell us she did it herself when the hairdresser’s were all shut down probably the BBC did it for Krankie before her usual grand entrance to the Scottish parliament
    No bother to the SNP they can do what they like and say what they like the ignorant scumbags ,still no word from Krankie yet on the free bikes or computers for the kids as promised ,MORE LIES .
    B and Q shares will be well up with all the saws the SNP will be buying to saw off a bit at the bottom of all classroom doors in Scotland Can you imagine Humpty Dump Blackford at that job if he went down he would never get up ,still what a good idea ,we are very lucky in Scotland to have people of that calibre representing us and also look at the money they are saving by not having to build boys and girls toilets in new schools they are just going to let them both use one .Are we all in our right mind allowing these scumbags away with all of this .please Hard Working Scottish voters remember vote them OUT and get rid of them all for good and then we will have a Government which will not abuse taxpayers money and then we will have cash directed to the correct areas NHS EDUCATION POLICE for example


  2. Our trainee accountant Kate Forbes goes to great lengths to tell us all how strong her faith is and her church connection .
    How can she possible say that when on the other hand she is telling us all the lies about Scotland being so hard done to by Westminster ,and how does she sit with her SNP policy for Gender Recognition These are not thoughts or actions that sit well with a true Christian person and her mentor from Skye is worse and has the cheek to go to a church
    Shame on them they are hipocrites


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