National produces feeblest ever front page. As indy fervour fades, is life draining away from ailing organ?

by Colin Campbell

ANYONE seeking evidence of life draining away from the independence movement needed to look no further than the front page of yesterday’s National.

This rabble rousing Nicola Surgeon/SNP fanzine has been generous in its copious use of fantasy and distortion to support their often outlandish claims about life in the land of milk and honey.

But what was the best it could come up with yesterday to support their claims on pension payments and allay widespread fears and confusion over who would pay Scots their money after independence?

This spectacularly feeble, pitifully underwhelming offering, based on the view of an unknown former Tory minister.

This woman, called Ros Altmann, saying “It’s hard to imagine” etc falls some way short of the cast iron guarantees people are looking for on pensions.

From John O’ Groats to Gretna Green short.

But the National could do no more to smooth over the SNP chaos over pensions, with Nicola Sturgeon first agreeing with her two top lieutenants, bloated Iain Blackford and Kate “more, more, more” Forbes that residents of the rest of the UK would continue indefinitely to pay billions in pensions to people in a foreign country, ie Scotland.

And then Sturgeon openly disagreeing with them.

Which meant that none of them had a bloody clue.

Now we learn from the National of some ex-politician no one has ever heard of declaring it’s hard to imagine etc etc.

This is so pathetically feeble it’s barely worth responding to. But it’s not at all “hard to imagine” if the rest of the UK just says, “No”.

The National in its heyday undoubtedly made its mark as it stirred up extremists.

And as the independence fervour fades away it still has to try and do something to attract readers.

But the vague imaginings of obscure or entirely unknown politicians are not the way to do it.

As indy hopes collapse will they take the National down with them?

So we shall hope. And that life finally drains away from this ailing organ.

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